Monday, May 24, 2010

What Makes a Virtuous Woman

Victorian Romance

It cannot be forced. It takes much time, much heartache and much courage. What is it I speak of? It is the virtuous woman.  She has been deeply wounded. If you look at the shadow of her life, you will see a lake of tears following her along the path to heaven. Not only has she suffered immensely, she has learned where to go for strength.

She is fully dependent on God. She is like a frightened child, inside, who became so hopeless, that her Heavenly Father had to carry her for a time. Now she clings to him, and will never let go of His hand. She cannot make it alone.

Many years ago, when we first bought our store, my husband gathered us all around, and taught us how to treat our customers. He has been in retail for most of his life.  He said something profound. This is what he told us:

"When you walk into the store, you have no pride. The customers will step on it, and destroy it. You have to let them. We cannot stay in business if we do not cater to our customers."

How does this relate to real life? It is about taking care of everyone around you with a servant's heart. Nothing is personal. Their attacks, their moods, their complaints are all part of the package. We are there to make their lives better, not to build up our own ego.

This has always stayed with me. It is just like the virtuous woman. Her husband and children, at times, can cause her to cry. But for her to yell back? Or to be mean? It can't happen. She has to destroy her own pride and become a loving servant despite the pressure. It is the hardest, most painful process you could ever imagine. 

The Bible speaks of the refiner's fire. Does that sounds painful? Of course! Yet, it takes years and years of suffering before a virtuous woman will emerge. 

You will know when this happens - "self" is gone. Instead, you will  see humility and sorrow and the tender love of God coming through her. She is much more quiet - she speaks less. She is forbearing of the faults of those around her. But you will always see the silent tears. Those will never go away until she reaches her Heavenly home.

Mrs. White



Anonymous said...

Much needed read today thank you.

Lorie said...

Beautiful post. We need this reminder daily. Blessings

Michelle said...

Dying to self is a daily, moment-by-moment act and it IS hard and painful. Oh how much I am still learning, dear sister!

I love the analogy between your experiences as a store owner and how it relates to becoming a virtuous woman.

I'll be thinking of this post!

Thank you and have a blessed week!

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