Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Return of the Daughters

The Western Conservatory of Arts and Sciences presents "The Return of the Daughters."

Description from the Publisher:

"As the home goes, so often goes the church, and society at large. Learn along with Anna Sofia and Elizabeth, the fulfilling, exciting life of impact and accomplishment that young women can and should have. Discover the power of the family unit and a picture of the biblical home as the center of dominion work — a vibrant center of education, ministry, evangelism, culture, entrepreneurialism, and hospitality." 

This DVD runs for 60 minutes and includes the following segments:

1. Introduction - Hosted by Anna and Elizabeth Botkin.

2. The Valento Family - Features "Katie."
Her Father is a homebuilder. Katie works with him, designing and doing accounting.

3. The Bauchman Family - Features "Jasmine."
Her Father, Voddie, is a Pastor. Jasmine helps him with Research. She is also doing college studies at home. [Jasmine has a blog, Joyfully at Home.]

4. The Keen Family - Features "Melissa."
Her Father is a truck driver. He does not have a business she can help him with, but he guides and directs her home-business endeavors. Melissa also organizes conferences and retreats for her Father.

5. The Torres Family - Features "Lourdes."
Her Father does not have his own business. His focus is to encourage his daughter to serve the neighborhood. The family does local mission work, and interacts with the community. They live in a mobile home in Texas. I found this delightful, because they don't appear to be rich. Their simple life can be used as a model for families from all walks of life.

6. The Bradrick Family. Features "Kelly."
This is the courtship of Peter and Kelly Bradrick.

7. Conclusion.
Closing thoughts by Anna and Elizabeth. There is also a series of brief interviews from:

Scott Brown - who talks about the many projects available to us in our own communities.

Jenny Chancey - who discusses girls being productive at home.

Voddie Bauchman- Gives an inspiring, encouraging, and enlightening talk, which I loved!

Geoffrey Botkin - Gives and excellent talk.

Anna and Elizabeth also mention something significant. They understand that not all families are able to live out the ideals presented in this documentary. They encourage those in difficult circumstances and offer some hope.

8. "Extras" consist of the following:

- Encouraging Brothers - Featured Families talk about building relationships with their brothers.

- Courtship and Marriage - Peter and Kelly Bradrick give an insightful interview. Kelly's Father, Scott Brown, also shares his wisdom. The Bradrick's courtship is not common in our current society, but viewers can glean ideas and inspiration from their story.

- Biblical Foundations - Interviews with Geoffrey Botkin and Doug Phillips. Their speeches were excellent, inspiring and enlightening.

Overall, I think this is a profound accomplishment which will benefit Christian families. I watched this alone a few weeks ago. I thought about it. Then watched it again with my husband. We were encouraged and came up with plenty of ideas of how to make this work in our own home, to the best of our ability, based on our own circumstances.

*Disclosure - Vision Forum provided me with this DVD for review purposes.*

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