Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sermons and the Godly Home

Mother and Child

I have been listening to sermons this morning. Voddie Bauchman has become one of my favorite preachers. He inspires, convicts, encourages, exhorts and helps me stay on the right path, as a parent in a godly home.

You can find a list of his sermons at Sermon Audio

I recently wrote about having a godly culture in the home. This was my review for "Identity Theft" by Doug Phillips. I want my children to hear sermons while they go about their day.

This reminds me of something. Many years ago, when Nicole (now 21) was around 17 years old, we still owned our country store. She worked for us. It was a family business - Dad, Mom and all of our five children worked there. My parents even helped from time-to-time. But my job was mostly bookwork, inventory, finances, and occasional work behind the cash register helping the children. Well, one night, Nicole came home from working her shift. She had been " in the world" with all kinds of customers she had to cater to, and wait on all day long. Well, she walked in the door to see me making a homemade supper. I had on my apron. I was happy. I was listening to hymns. I was smiling and setting the table. She walked in and just smiled. "Wow! This is a whole different world." She said. It was a different culture than what she just came from.

There should be a vast difference between the world and the culture of the home. 

Since we are bombarded with humanistic thinking, worldly advertisements and an ungodly culture - listening to sermons on a regular basis -even daily if possible - will seriously help keep us focused on providing a precious, peaceful, holy environment where our children will crave and enjoy the hospitality and love of a godly home.

Mrs. White
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Debbie said...

I am currently reading Family Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham and really enjoying him. I've never listened to his sermons. I will check them out!

busymomof10 said...

This is a good point. I love your statement that the culture of the home should be vastly different than the culture of the world around us. My desire is to create an oasis for my family -- but how easy it is to get derailed from that task through busyness or discouragement or life interruptions. You have inspired me . . .