Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Evening Visit from my Vermont Home

Just a short time ago, John (12) brought me a nice cup of tea and some toast. I have been exhausted and resting for most of the day. It is cozy and quiet. The sun is beginning to set and the air is getting cooler.

I have not been able to do much housework. John brought the clothes in, from the line. Amy did all the dishes. Matthew has been doing some heavy cleaning the last few days.  But I did manage to tidy up my bedroom early this morning.

We went to church today. I am having a hard time understanding the concept of modern services. I am used to an old-fashioned church, where there are a few sacred hymns, a long convicting sermon and a closing prayer. But what I am seeing instead is praise and worship music, projectors, movie clips, or slide presentations and very short sermons. I really cannot adjust to this but have to keep things in perspective. We have an excellent Pastor. The people are wonderful and it is really not that bad. I try to think about history and when there was tremendous controversy over whether or not an organ should be allowed inside a church building. Times are changing and I don't really like it!  Yet, I can keep the old traditions alive for my children by telling them stories of my childhood church experiences. I can also continue with our own time of family worship on a daily basis.

I realized today that I am doing too much. I am feeling pressured, stressed and overwhelmed. To put it plainly - I am tired. Amy and I have been doing a hand-sewing challenge which is too hard for me. I need to slow it down. We were making one apron a day, every day. This is too much. I will have to change our goal to give us much more time. We were supposed to make 60 aprons in 60 days, but now we will make 60 aprons but take as much time as we need. This is a far better approach and I will write about our work together in the coming weeks.

In just a little while, I am going to sit in my favorite chair, near the window and read a book. I am going to have a cup of tea and snuggle up with an afghan and enjoy a lovely evening at home. In the photograph above, you will see my favorite chair on the left side of my living room. I have the window open and all the fresh night air is filling our home with the aura of rainbows and good cheer. Would you like to come by and visit with me?

Mrs. White


Anonymous said...

Good Evening Mrs. White,
Could you share a few of your favorite hymns? I too, would like to go back to the old-fashioned days, when people were serious about going to church & not going to be entertained.
Take care of yourself!
Thank you for your time.
Mrs. Buesing

Mrs. White said...

Dear Mrs. Buesing,

I'd be happy to share my favorite hymns. I'll try to write about it this week.

Have a wonderful night!

Mrs. White

Deborah said...

I would love to drop in and visit you..
but for now get some rest..
reading a good book and feeling that nice breeze sounds lovely :)

Sweet dreams my friend..

Deborah \0/

Linda said...

Mrs. White, I hope you have a very restful night.You`re home looks lovely-very warm and welcoming...Good night!

Pam said...

I am in the same place! For those old hymns and convicting sermons to return. I also need to de-stress, which I began today with early rising and my Bible and journal. Love and enjoying your blog..just found it.

Cindy Ellison said...

What a nice way to start the morning, reading your comments you left me on my blog. Thank you! Your blog is wonderful, I feel you and I have so much in common. Please keep up the good work, you are a blessing to many.

busymomof10 said...

Thank you for dropping in for a visit to my blog and leaving a comment! This is my first time to drop by your place, and I am so glad you did! I love what I see and can't wait to come back!

I agree with everything you said about church. We have not yet settled for a modern church, and are going to a very small old-fashioned church. I am currently with my husband on the Georgia coast, and saw a church sign that said, "Just old-fashioned preaching and old-fashioned singing." That really drew my heart like a magnet!! have you seen the book Ashamed of the Gospel by John MacArthur? It addresses some concerns with the modern church. I recieved the book free, because he is so concerned with getting his message out. You might want to check his website.

I was surprised to see that you love Southern gospel music! You must not be a native of Vermont if you have that music in your blood! :) I also Love Southern gospel music! :)

I also love many of the same authors that you do. I was surprised to see you like Christmas Carol Kauffman!

Yes, I think we have some things in common and I love the spirit of your blog! I plan to linger here a bit longer when I return home! (after I get caught up on laundry and everthing else that went awry while I was away!!)


joyce said...

Handsewing ruffled aprons does seem to be a time consuming task.
Have you considered a combination of machine and hand sewing for the products? You could machine sew the major construction and do the details, such as hemming and trim, by hand. You might add an applique to the pocket with hand stitches, or a bit of lace edging.

If you have extra fabric, you could make a matching or contrasting potholder - maybe attached to the pocket with a cute button?

Just a marketing idea I came up with, but wouldn't that make a nice gift?

Not everyone wears aprons, so it will be a specialty or novelty item. I wish you and Amy much success with your Etsy endeavor.

The Momma Chronicles said...

I've never known church any other way than to have praise songs, projectors and movie clips. But our church is blessed to have a Spirit-filled and led pastor who isn't afraid to preach a convicting sermon. Conviction with encouragement.

I found your blog a few days ago and bookmarked it for more in-depth wanderings. So glad I found you! You've inspired me to institute daily family worship, and to go to great lengths to make sure my home is a respite from the world, NOT an extension of it.

Thank you!

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