Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Teach Your Kids How to Clean the Kitchen in 10 Easy Steps

 - Teach Your Kids How to Clean the Kitchen in 10 Easy Steps -

This e-book is 7 pages long. It contains photos, a detailed list of 10 steps for children to follow, notes, and additional ideas.

Author information - Written by Lorrie Flem, a homeschooling mother of eight children. She is also the publisher of Teach Magazine and offers many exciting resources to help homemakers. 

Price: $4.97 (Stock #: ELEC-HowToCleanAKitchen) From what I understand, the book is not available individually. It is offered as part of a set. See the above link for more details.

My Thoughts:

There is a picture of a messy kitchen in here! My children gasped when they saw it. Can you imagine having a kitchen that wasn't clean? (shudder). You'll also find adorable pictures of children cleaning.

Lorrie has a great sense of humor and shares her ideas in an encouraging way. Her list of tasks for children is fun and easy to follow.   Your children can post Lorrie's list  on the fridge and have a great time following her plan.  I have a similar cleaning guide in my homemaking binder. There were just a few things we do differently - One - we don't have a dishwasher. Two - since the children have to hand-wash all the dishes, it will take them longer to get the kitchen chores finished. You can take Lorrie's list as presented, or use it to come up with your own ideas. I love her focus on efficiency.

Not only will your children learn to clean the kitchen, but Mom will get plenty of good ideas as well.  This is an excellent book. I hope you can get a copy for yourself!

*Disclosure - I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes.*

Mrs. White

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joyce said...

This sounds like a good teaching tool for children, but the best way is probably to teach by example.

Yes, I can imagine a kitchen that is not clean. I don't have kids at home, but I'll bet there are times, when the little kids are sick and Dad is working and Mom is frazzled,when the kitchen is not tip-top. It happens.

Monday evening I had a little birthday celebration for a friend of mine. It was just the two of us, but I was worn out afterwards. I'd shopped, cleaned, prepared party foods, and made a floral arrangement for the occasion. After divvying up the leftovers and putting my share away, I left the serving dishes on the counter. I was too tired to care! Next day, I handwashed some and loaded the rest in the diswasher. But yeah, I can imagine a messy kitchen. Guilty as charged! LOL!

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