Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Teaching Home Economics To Daughters

Library of Congress: 1939 Setting the Table in Home Economics Class, Ashwood Plantations, South Carolina

I love Home Economics. I love everything about it. I fondly remember the classes I took in school, many years ago, to learn about keeping a home. I wrote about this, in - Teaching Home Economics Through Apprenticeship.

Starting today, this will be a new series. I am going to share with you how to teach home economics to your daughters.   I am going to tell you exactly what I am doing with Amy (15).   I will also share stories of what I did with my older two girls, now ages 20 and 22.

Here is a list of subjects I will cover:

1. Meal Planning on a Budget.
           - Kitchen Inventory - The Pantry -

2. Frugal Grocery Shopping.
3. Cleaning.
           - Heavy Cleaning - 
           - Domestically Challenged -

4. Organization.
5. Scheduling your time.
6. Child Care.
       - Child Care - 

7. Baking.
       - The Wilton Anniversary Cake - 

8. Cooking.
      - More than just Homemade Ravioli -

9. Hospitality and Manners.
      - The Breakfast Hostess - 
      - Supper Time with Precious Helpers -

10. Household Expenses.
11. Bank Accounts and Paying Bills.
12. Sewing and Mending.
13. Secretarial Skills - Being a Helper to your Family / Husband.
14. Nutrition.
15. Basic First Aid and Nursing.
        -  Homemaking Survival-

16. Laundry.
17. Beauty and Charm.
18. What I learned from My own Mother.

I will add more topics to this page as we go along. These will not be "how-to" posts, but personal stories in each category of what we are doing, here at home. I will also be writing several posts for each topic, over time. I want this to be a fun way to read about teaching these important skills to our girls.

[You can also read about training boys in Teaching Life Skills to Sons. ]

 [ *Edited update - I am no longer posting on this regularly, but will add to this as I am able.*]

Mrs. White

** This post will serve as a permanent index. I will post links under each category as we go along. **

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mitch1066 said...

Teach home economics to our children!With school cutbacks it seems we are not teaching our kids the fundamentals of feeding and taking care of a family....oh we teach them nutrition in theory but with both parents working these days a lot of kids are growing up not knowing how to cook and clean ,budgeting time and money to raise a family and hold a marraige and kids together.
Well done for writing on this subject:)

Linda said...

I can`t wait! I`m home-schooling my 16 yr.old daughter.This is coming at a great time.I did`nt know where to start. Thank-you!!!

Krystal said...

I'm so happy you're going to be covering this. Home Ec is one thing I dread teaching my children, simply because my mother never really taught me and I'm terrible at it, even now. I can't wait to read your tips and ideas...one of my priorities is to make sure my children are more prepared to keep their own home than I was.

Unknown said...

I just stumbled upon your blog today and love it. It is so great that you are doing the series on Home Ec. Yesterday I started putting together a Home Ec program for our 11 year old daughter to work on once a week. Looking forward to your future posts.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Sounds like a good outline for another book!