Friday, June 4, 2010

A Virtuous Day

Morning Room

I long to get up before the sun rises. I want to have a time of prayer and Bible study while the house is still quiet. I want to do my housework while it is yet night and then be refreshed and calm and welcoming when my family wakes up.

I need to have a Virtuous Day. I have many things on my mind I need to accomplish, but I will do them slow and methodically. I will do them with a cheerful, relaxed spirit, taking plenty of time to stop to smile at a child, or listen to their chatter.

I will plan a special supper tonight, despite all the busy things I have to do today. I will make home a virtuous place.

It will all begin, once I get dressed-up in a lovely outfit - the most old fashioned, elegant, ladylike, homemaker's outfit I can find. Then I will fix my hair in a special way - so I am ready for a charming day at home.

I will listen to gospel music and enjoy a nice online sermon while I work. I will hum and smile and be calm. I will wear my prettiest apron and I will be a shining light to my family.

Will you join me in having a Virtuous Day?

Mrs. White

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MBC Scrapbooking said...

I just love reading your posts- you have beautiful writing, and I am inspired each time I visit to be a better homemaker. Thank you and have a wonderful Friday!