Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear Blog

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Dear Blog,

I know I have neglected you today. I have been busy goofing off and having a delightful, carefree time with my family. The weather is nice. The laughter is loud and we are eating cookies. There is typical Italian arguments, then laughter, then giggling. We mixed that all up with a little car trouble, some headaches and then rented some movies to call it a day. Do you forgive me for ignoring you? (smiles)

I can make it up to you. Tomorrow I will have a giveaway for a yummy snack.

See you then!

Oh, and I was supposed to do my Tuesday's Teaching Home Economics to Daughter's post. But I wanted to add an older post about hospitality instead. I will add that one to the index. 

Mrs. White

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~ Denise ~ said...

Poor neglected little blog...;-) Just kidding. Looking forward to your yummy snack contest! :)

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