Sunday, July 18, 2010

Getting Excited about School

Pink and Yellow Roses

I love life at home, as a homeschooling family. The stores are packed with back-to-school supplies. There is something scholarly in the air!

This afternoon, I am going to set up a new plan. I am constantly changing things. I like to change the school books we use, our schedule, and add fun new things to the mix.

Tomorrow, I am going to give the children Math Placement tests to see how much they have progressed. I printed all grade levels from Teaching Textbooks. I like to have the children take all the tests because math is fun and you can never do enough math!

I will also make a list of literature I will require the children to read this semester. I will share my list with you as soon as I have it ready.

I want to buy poster boards and markers. I want new boxes of crayons, stacks of pencils and pens, and tons of notebooks.

I want to take the children clothes shopping for new shoes and new clothes!

I want to buy them fun lunchboxes (even though they are teenagers!) and make them a fun lunch each morning so they can get excited about a surprise lunch! I want to keep things exciting and new and interesting for them.

What about you? Any fun new plans for school?

Mrs. White

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Catherine (Alecat Music) said...

Do you actually make up lunches ahead of time each day? That's a great idea!
Enjoy getting all your fun shopping done. We're going to make use of some mid-year sales and buy more clothes and shoes soon, too.

Anonymous said...

I would like to buy the kids some new clothes also....great idea! My son (almost 12) loves my "peanut butter pie" recipe, so I am planning to surprise him with it, after lunch. I will need to think of another surprise for my daughter, she is very easy to please. I will also take some pictures of them, esp. to send to Grandma via the internet.

I love the start of the new school year, new beginnings, fresh start!
Mrs. Buesing

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. White!
I know I had told you awhile back that I was going to be in the states with my family and homeschooling my children. However, my husband expressed his desire for me to stay here in Italy while he is away and put the kids in school here. I will go next month when the small base store has their sales and stock up on what the kids will need for school. As for school clothes I actually picked up a bunch of clothes on sale at the end of last year that will fit my kids perfectly this year. I will take the tags off of them and they'll be all set for school!
Sarah Lownsbery

Marbel said...

I always get excited when it's back-to-school time in the stores. I love school supplies! I love the promise of a new notebook.