Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Heavy Cleaning

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This post is part of an ongoing series to give you an inside look at what I am doing to teach my 15 year old daughter (Amy) the art of homemaking skills. I will also share stories and memories of how I taught my older daughters (currently ages 21 and 22). You can expect to see these posts every Tuesday, here at The Legacy of Home.

Category - Cleaning.

Amy had plenty of energy today, so she offered (yes, offered!) to do some of the chore cards.  I was thrilled. The whole time she was working, she did impersonations of different movie stars. She would say various phrases using voices for people like "Corey" from "Boy Meets World;" or "Owen Wilson." She just blabbered on and on while she smiled and laughed and worked.

Here's what she did:

1. Washed the Kitchen Floor.

2. Scrubbed the Kitchen Sink.

3. Washed all the Mirrors in the House.

4. Cleaned the Toilet. (Well, that one was because she used inappropriate language this morning.)

5. Washed the bathroom door. (Yes, you are supposed to do that!)

6. Dusted all Ceiling Fans in the House. (She wasn't sure how, so we found a website with info. This job was usually done by her brother, Matthew.)

7. Wash, Dry and Organize bathroom shelves.

8. Clean the "plate" (or whatever you call it) that goes over the bathroom ventilation fan. (She took this outside to hose it off, then let it dry out in the sun.)

None of this includes all the work she offered to do yesterday. I hope this keeps up! That girl has so much energy!!!!

Want to teach your daughter how to do heavy cleaning? Consider using a few chore cards each day. You may very well have the cleanest house ever!

Mrs. White

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i cant decide said...

Wow! That is a lot of work. Oh, I'm going to have to use your punishment for inappropriate language!