Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Homeschooling - Books - Reading Lists - and Swagbucks

Book Shop

I have been working on new ideas for homeschooling. I want stacks and stacks of new books for the children. So I started doing a little online searching. I found some inspiring websites:

1. Faith Christian School in Virginia offers several excellent reading lists for each grade level. I printed all of these out for later reference.

2. Dorothy Sayers (1893 - 1957) wrote and incredible piece in 1947, called "The Lost Tools of Learning." She presented this at Oxford.

3. Were you ever curious about the entrance requirements for Oxford University? I had the most delightful time reading their website. Can you imagine having children brilliant enough to attend such a prestigious British School?

Now I have a plan. I want to provide my two youngest with large notebooks and see how many fascinating books they can read of quality literature, during the coming year. They will write down every single book they read, in their notebooks.

I want to buy most of these books. I suppose I can do a little at a time, each month, to build up my home library, but I also plan to use our local library (an option I don't particularly care for, since we ALWAYS forget to return books.)

This brings me to Swagbucks. I found all the above resources while using the Swagbucks website. I have only recently become aware of the incredible benefit of this search engine. From what I understand, it is powered by Google and Ask.  However, you are rewareded for doing your regular, normal searches, by randomly receiving Swagbucks. You can redeem these for prizes like Amazon Gift Cards. I recently earned my very first gift card and am halfway to earning another one. If you are interested in earning prizes too, would you please (oh, please!) sign up under me? If you do, we both get swagbucks! Here is my referral link:

Do you see that lovely book shop in the above photograph? I really want to go there. I would spend hours browsing, dreaming and buying. Then I would have a hot cup of tea, on the outdoor patio, and enjoy a freshly baked pastry.  

Have a lovely day!

Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! Thank you so much. I just re-posted your article on my facebook page, as I have many homeschool friends, that I wanted to share this with also. I also plan to sign up with the "swagbucks" under your offer. Thanks again!
Mrs. Buesing

Amber@ClassicHousewife said...

Oh, I want to have stacks and stacks of books, too!! In a way we already kind of do, but as the kids get older, I want them to have more and more! I recently read a report about kids who read more books being smarter (or something like that.) Did you see that article? Quite encouraging. (And P.S. - we always forget to return library books, too!!)
Anyway, thanks for all those links, I'm going to check out every single one of them.

Cindy said...

I am a book junkie. I would love to have a room with walls and walls of books. :)
Anyway, have you ever heard of Check it out :)

Miss Hillbilly said...

I like to use Sonlight's catalog as a reading list source as well.
Never heard of swagbucks. I'm off to check it out.

Anonymous said...

I just remembered...there is a great website to get used/new books from:
I have purchased from this website & their prices are very low.
As for library returns...we keep all library books in a box & I check my account each morning, along with my favorite blogs!
Have a blessed day!
Mrs. Buesing