Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Lesson of a Set - Apart Life

Stone Bridge with Church

When my oldest child, Rachel (now 22) was learning to bake, we would sit together in the kitchen. I taught her a Jewish custom about making sure the eggs were Kosher. This has great significance, and I will explain what we did:

There were two bowls. We would crack an egg into the smaller bowl and make sure it was "Kosher." Then we would add it to the main bowl. We would continue to do this with all the eggs. If we found any spots of blood, we would discard that egg. Those eggs were not Kosher. The blood is life. Once the blood begins to appear on an egg, it meant that life had begun. We were not to eat the blood with the egg. Was this a difficult process? Of course.

But as we carefully and slowly checked each egg, we made the extra effort, a set-apart effort, to follow one of God's precious Laws.

Rachel would look with awe and wonder as we worked. She would always make sure the eggs were Kosher before she began to cook or bake. I remember when she moved into her own home and began to cook without my supervision. She had her own kitchen and her own way. But she continued to make sure her eggs were Kosher, even though her guests would question her. It didn't matter. She would proudly explain what she was doing. She would pass on the law of a set-apart life.

Have you ever seen the episode on Little House on the Prairie, called "The Craftsman?" This is about an elderly Jewish man who teaches Albert his craft of working with wood and making caskets.  Through his daily life and work, he taught Albert the joy and blessing of a set-apart life. It certainly takes more effort. It certainly takes more thought, but it fills the soul with contentment and gratefulness as we acknowledge God in everything we do.

Mrs. White
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Deanna said...

Mrs. White,
So like your post today.

I was taught that we shouldn't use bloody eggs...didn't know why...appreciate the information.

Sunday Blessings to you and may your week be sweet,

Dee said...

What a beautiful post! I loved it! And yes, it takes some work to live a life set apart to God, but it's oh so worth it!

Dee :)

Catherine said...

I love Little House, and I remember that episode well. What a nice post.

Anonymous said...

Love this.