Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday's Front Porch Visit - Raining in Vermont

Southern Grace

Come on over and join me on the front porch for our Monday visit! 

It is a peaceful morning today.  It is raining and lovely! I want to sit in a cozy chair, drink hot tea and read for the entire day!  Wouldn't that be nice?  Of course, it isn't possible, but it is nice to dream.

I have a few errands to do this morning. The children have some schoolwork and I need to do  housework. When I am all finished, I will sit on my porch, in the rain, and enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the gentle sound of rain on the porch roof. I will read and delight in happy thoughts.

I stayed up late cleaning last night. But I wore my ankle weights so I was able to get a good workout while doing something productive at the same time.

I have some terrible news.... I have not consistently read my Bible since my accident. (shudder). I have gotten completely out of my habit of daily devotions, family worship and private studies.  Are you as appalled as I am? (smiles) Each day, I keep trying to get back into this important habit, but I do not have the discipline to force myself. I keep thinking, "Oh, I am busy right now. But I'll do that later." I have every intention of doing this. I have every motivation. But I just don't get to it. Well, since I've publicly announced my failure, I will make myself start today, even if it is inconvenient, exhausting, and difficult.  I will start back up today! Because, as we all know, once the habit is started, the peace and blessing and reward of this important duty brings more joy to the soul than anything we could ever imagine.

Here is some good news - I hear birds chirping. I can feel the wind blowing in through the window. I smiled today. I did some laundry this morning. Things are going well and I will have An Old Fashioned Day!

Won't you join me for some homemade cookies and hot tea? We can sit on the porch and enjoy the rain on this lovely morning in Vermont.

Mrs. White

I want to be just like The Old Time Mothers! 

I love the 1930's Style Homemaking.

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HillaryM said...

Setting out the butter for snickerdoodles, then sitting down with my Bible and a cup of hot tea. Too muggy to be outdoors here. Though you're halfway across the country, I feel like I'll be joining my dear friend. Enjoy your day Mrs. White.

joyce said...

I love to sit on my porch and watch the rain. It is so soothing and peaceful to listen to a gentle rainfall. I have a screened in back porch with comfortable furniture, and it's quiet and private. In Florida, I enjoy a cold beverage such as iced tea, lemonade, Coke, or sometimes a nice chilled white wine.

In the evening, I light a candle out there.

Sitting on the porch enjoying nature is a simple pleasure that I treasure. It's one of the things in my "Gratitude Journal."

The Momma Chronicles said...

Don't be too discouraged about not jumping right back into your routine. God knows your heart and your current situation. Isaiah 40:11 gives me great comfort. We mothers don't often achieve that longevity of consistency, we have to be more flexible. Until you can get back in the saddle, recite any Scripture you have memorized. Meditate on it. Pray about it. Even if it's only 5 minutes.

Praying for you!

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