Thursday, July 29, 2010

Uncle Rick Reads the Book of James

Product: Audio CD - Uncle Rick Reads the Book of James, by Rick Boyer.

Publisher: The Learning Parent

Price: $8.00

Rick Boyer is the father of fourteen children, and the grandfather of eight. He and his wife, Marilyn, are veteran homeschoolers and operate an excellent company, "The Learning Parent." 

In this CD, "Uncle Rick" begins by talking about the area in which he lives. He helps listeners get to know him a little better,  and helps them settle down to hear him read. His voice is clear, friendly and calming. He reads from the Bible and then goes back over it to explain its meaning. He shares some great ideas and examples.

John (13) and I listened to this while in our living room, doing chores, playing, and, at times, just sitting quietly. This CD would also be perfect to listen to while doing art projects or coloring at the table.  If you happen to have a CD player in your car (an advantage I do not possess at the moment -smiles), this would be delightful to listen to while driving!

Uncle Rick makes the Bible very clear and understandable. He reads from the King James version of the Bible. His Fatherly voice is interesting and wonderful to listen to.  I have to tell you - I smiled at times, because he is so entertaining!  He is an exceptional teacher!

Uncle Rick has several other CD's, such as "Uncle Rick reads the Book of Matthew" and "Uncle Rick reads the Proverbs." I actually own a 4 tape set of his, called "Uncle Rick reads the Psalms." It is excellent!

He also has some fabulous history resources. He reads The Story of Benjamin Franklin and The True Stories of Great Americans.  I would love to have these as well.

His wife, Marilyn, is the author of an astounding resource, a large hardcover book, For You They Signed, It is endorsed by such great names as Michael Farris, Beall Phillips and Chris Klicka.

The Boyer Family are wonderful, godly people and I am happy to endorse all of their resources. They are trustworthy, and their products have helped me tremendously, in my homeschool, for many years.

I hope you will visit The Learning Parent and get to know their family and company better. While you are there, please sign up for their free e-newsletter!

*Disclosure - I received this product from The Learning Parent for review purposes.*

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