Monday, August 30, 2010

Home is the Place of No Worries

Evening Whisper

When Evening has come, the family gathers home. It is a quiet, gentle place. It is full of love and happiness. All worries are put aside. All problems are forgotten. All quarrels are quickly forgiven.

The smiles and laughter and time spent together as a family, makes home an ideal place to rest and get refreshed for another day.  It is a respite for world-weary travelers.

The lights dim. Silence comes. It is time to rest. God's blessings on such a humble, precious home.

Mrs. White

 ~  There is Just Something about Home.

 ~  Homemaking and Happy Thoughts.

 ~  Homemaking with Frank Sinatra.

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Amber said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by Follow Along Fridays. I too agree that homemaking is important. You should check out she has a great site to help encourage you to make your home a sanctuary. I wish I participated more. I'll try again this month :)

Linda said...

Beautiful entry!

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