Friday, August 13, 2010

It is Time to Settle Down in A Cozy Home

An Early Morning Stroll

I am getting ready to relax for the weekend. It has been a tiring, action-packed week. I find myself constantly fighting the temptation to do too much. I crave a simple, slow-paced life. This is why I love to rest on the weekends. Life slows down. I enjoy home. I do not work - other than basic housekeeping. Any worldly ideas, plans, thoughts-of-shopping, fade into the background. Life, on these serene weekends, are a time of refreshment.

One of my favorite things to do, is walk our property in the early morning. We have a waterfall and rushing river, which runs the back of the grounds. I love to just stare at this beauty of nature. I don't have to "think" or fix anything. All my worries are gone and I can pray and thank God for all He does for me.

This property is my retreat from the world and I strive to keep it that way as much as possible.

It's time to slow down... Finish the shopping and errands. . . Pick some flowers... and stroll back to the Home Estate where joy and peace and happiness await you.... May it be so...

Mrs. White

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Daniela said...

I love your blog. I am the same way on the weekends. I am happiest on the weekends. I can be with my family, my pets, myself. It's heaven. I will be a regular, keep writing.


Tracy said...

Your property sounds lovely! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Aspiring Millionaire said...

A waterfall? Your place sounds divine. I would want to spend all the time there I could.

I like your blog, I'll be a regular reader. I found you on the blog hop and look forward to reading more.

Aspiring Millionaire
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Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

In the future... maybe... we'll have that lovely piece of land... a homestead... a retreat of our own.

For now, we go out and enjoy the nature that surrounds us. There is something so peaceful, so calming about God's creation. What a blessing.

Have a nice, relaxing weekend.

Mel said...

Thank goodness for the weekend! Also thank you for the follow on my blog!


Hollywood Chic said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, friend. I hope you enjoyed the random content and also come back often, please don't be a stranger. Following favor returned. You have a very lovely looking family and a interesting blog. I'll be back to see future posts. Best wishes.

Debbie said...

Oh, a river and waterfall on your property sounds so lovely!

Bible Babe said...

I am sorry to say that you have shamed me into seeing that I am a horrible wife. I know we are not supposed to cokpare ourselves to others--but we ARE to copy the good behaivior of Godly women.
I live on 19 acres on a mountain in Oklahoma. I have the simple life that I have always wanted--but I haven't appreciated it for a long time, and that has worn off on my family. My husband is gone for two nights, and I will be using the time to catch up on many projects that I have neglected. WHen I pick him up at church Sunday, I want him to come home to a clean home and a good meal.Thank you for your blog. I covet your prayers as I renew my efforts to submit to God and my husband--it ain't gonna be easy!
In His Name,
Bible Babe

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