Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Danger in the Kitchen

Cooking Class

A lovey dinner.. that was the plan. . . Amy (15) and I worked together in the kitchen last night. I peeled potatoes while she mixed up our meatloaf recipe. She placed 2 loaves into two separate glass loaf pans. We baked them in the oven and waited for our supper to be finished.

When the meatloaves were ready, I pulled them both out of the oven and placed them on the stove top. I put BBQ sauce over the top and let it sit, while we started to heat up corn and stuffing.

I wanted to share some of our supper with Nana and Grandpa. I took 2 slices of the meatloaf downstairs. Grandpa would save it for the next day's lunch. Then I raced back upstairs and found a horrifying sight.

There was shattered glass all over the floor. Amy was standing there, looking shocked and sad. She told me there was the sound of a gunshot. One of the Pyrex pans had exploded. We had to throw out all the rest of our supper and spend the next hour sweeping, scrubbing and washing to remove every shard and speck of glass from our floors, counters, stove top and stove burners.

Today, I looked up Pyrex pans online and found there seems to be an epidemic of exploding glass from these kinds of pans.

I am so sad about last night. Thank God Amy wasn't hurt! Everything is okay. But I will never buy a Pyrex pan again.

Tonight, things are more pleasant. We had an early dinner. Now I have a cake baking in the oven. In just a little while, I will frost it and we will enjoy a nice treat. All is well.

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Cindy said...

Oh,WOW...God is good to have protected your family. This could have been a very serious situation. Thank you for the pyrex warning. I will be more careful from now on :)

Corey and Bekah said...

Yikes! I'm thankful no one was hurt! I've used many Pyrex pans without incident, but as a young teenager I had an experience similar to yours. My parents were out for the evening, and my brother and I were cleaning up the kitchen. I dried and put away the dishes as he washed them. Within minutes of putting away a glass pan we heard a "gunshot" in the kitchen. The pan had exploded - thankfully within the contained cupboard! We figured it must have been the switch from the hot water to the cold cupboard.

mommyx12 said...

Whoa, this is something I didn't know. We use Pyrex often. I guess I'll just stick with my cast iron more often. So thankful no one was hurt. Sorry about your dinner.

Julie said...

We have had the same thing happen with a 9x13 baking dish. Exploded everywhere . . . my daughter was standing there, but thankfully wasn't hurt.

Pyrex is nasty stuff!

Briana said...

I had this happen twice in one week. I'm not using my glass baking dishes anymore! We did figure that one of them exploded because there was a spot of water that I set it on. We couldn't figure out why the other one broke. I'm glad no one was hurt!

Beth West said...

So glad Amy is well! I've lost many glass baking dishes over the years because of an all to quick transition from hot to cold. There was always an obvious cause with ours, but now I'm wondering if the problem with pyrex is more serious. Which would be a shame because I really like my pyrex baking dishes.

I'm glad you're feeling happier. Blessings to you.

Diane said...

We also had a similar experience. One Christmas we cooked a ham in an anchor dish, pulled it out of the oven and placed it on the top of the slick top stove. The burners had recently been turned off from cooking other items. One burner was evidently still too hot and it exploded the anchor dish with our Christmas dinner in it. We still kid my mom to this day about that one. No one was in the kitchen at the time so no injuries.


The Crazy Mom said...

It's happened here twice too! Both times on the oven. You think I'd have learned the first time. Well, I have now. Those things can break into a million pieces and no matter how much you clean, you still find them weeks later!

Unfortunately for me, I was right there when it happened. I'm surprised I didn't have a heart attack! I bet the neighbors could here me scream!

Carrie said...

I also have had a pyrex glass lasagna pan explode when making chicken parm in the oven. I have never bought another glass pan, or used one since. it was very scary. I am happy that all is well and no-one got hurt.

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