Friday, September 17, 2010

Fit Mommy (Week 37)

I have been missing-in-fitness-action for the last five weeks. I haven't checked-in since week 32. I have been ill and worn out and could not get back to exercising. My last serious set-back was when I described - A Hospital in the Home. That was week 33. I have been incapable of doing much of anything since then.

In my last check-in, I told you about how my daughter Amy (15) was going to be my personal trainer. (smiles) This has finally happened!

This week, Amy, John (13) and I all started working out together. It is more fun to exercise with other people. It really makes you push yourself. The problem was, I normally exercise in a nightgown or long skirt. Not very modest in a group-setting, right? So I had to borrow clothes from Amy.  I wore white velor pants, a "hoodie" and her sneakers. Now I was ready to work!

Originally, John was going to exercise with Amy, but he kept complaining. She was asking too much, making him work too hard, etc. So I decided to work with them. She was the ideal coach - pushing us to continue, and making us fitter! I had to make John laugh. When we were doing way too many sit ups, I would mumble (loud enough for him to hear me) "She is cruel." But we would keep working. Then when she forced us to do an unreasonable amount of push-ups, I told him she was mean. (smiles) Everyone thinks their coach is too difficult, but that's what gets results!

I managed to exercise with John and Amy on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was wonderful and I loved it. But on Thursday morning, I was feeling weak. I weighed myself and was alarmed because I had lost a little weight. Not good when you are frail to begin with. So I decided to rest instead. I will only be able to work out with them a few days a week. More than that, and I might just disappear!

I will leave you with a photograph of John and I getting ready to go for a run. Doesn't he look enthusiastic?

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Wendy said...

Hi Mrs. White!

I didn't realize I had never signed up to follow your blog (in your sidebar on the left), so I just did that. I do get your RSS feed, though!

I enjoyed your post today. I think if I were as thin as you, I might never feelt he need to exercise!! I'm impressed that you are so dedicated. :) To tell the truth, I get most of my exercise now just running after my kids. They are getting older now (youngest is 7 and two older are teens), so I'll have to stop using that for my "exercise" excuse, won't I?!

I used to exercise regularly, and I honestly felt so much better when I did. I think I'll have to pray that God will prompt me to exercise and help me find the time to do it too. I know it is good for me and that I will have more energy (a problem for me lately) if I get back to it.

Thanks for your post! I'm glad you're feeling better!

Wendy (from the Crew)

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

I'm glad you were able to get some exercise in. It sounds like you were having a great time with the kids while doing it.

You look like a kid in that outfit! John looks, well, a little less than happy to be joining you on that run. ;)

Praying for you. Have a lovely weekend.

~ Denise ~ said...

I soooo enjoy John's expression! Ha! What a cutie!!! Sounds like you had a most excellent week, my dear. ;) Love the Betty Boop it Amy's? :)

Mrs. White said...

Thanks Wendy! I am so happy to have you visit! I would love for you to do Fit Mommy with us! Will you think about it? It's so much fun.

Heather, thanks for the prayers! Yes, I had a great time with the children. Life is more fun with them!

Denise, yes, John was not interested in all the working out we were doing! But he is getting used to it. It's good for him!

Of course that's not my Betty sweatshirt. It's Amy's! I was wearing all her clothes! (smiles)
I really wish someone would invent an elegant dress or skirt to exercise in!

Mrs. White

Annie Kate said...

Welcome back to Fit Mommy, Mrs White! I'm glad you're feeling better, and I hope you won't have any more setbacks.

Ballerinas wear pretty exercise clothing, if you're looking for something like that!

Annie Kate

Mrs. White said...

Annie Kate,

That is such a good idea!! I will look into it!!

Hope you are doing well!

Mrs. White

Laura O said...

Mrs. White ~ how nice to get 'active' with your kids! I just might need to do this with my boys. Although, if my 10 year old was the trainer, we'd all collapse from situps and push ups. He's a 'mad man' when it comes to those things and such a bundle of energy for running. He'd probably get 50 sit ups done by the time I did 1!

You look great and just remember that Fit Mommy doesn't always mean weight loss.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. White you look adorable next to your son ready to go for a run!! LOVE his expression!!
Chris from the Crew

The Crazy Mom said...

You are such a doll!!! :)

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