Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mama - Dry Your Tears

Charles C. Todd and his family. Praying in the morning before breakfast. (1946)


Yesterday was a day of weeping. This culture is overbearing and relentless. It seeks to destroy the beauty of holiness in our youth. I was praying for my children and having some trials.   I went to do some laundry and just started singing "Farther Along," my grandmother's favorite song, to try to calm down. Soon, I was okay and comforted by the Lord.

One of the hardest things a mother goes through is worrying about the souls of her children. The prayers are the most painful and heartrending.  Yet, there is only so much we can do. We have to trust God for the rest and let him do his work.

I found a guideline from the writings of  J.C Ryle, with tips on raising Godly children. Here they are:

1. Teach them to Love God (By our own genuine example.)

2. Watch over their souls (Make decisions for them based on prayer and their eternal destiny.) This, in my opinion, is the most difficult!

3. Teach them to know and love the Bible.

4. Teach them a habit of prayer.

5. Teach them to love and respect the Church and the Lord's Supper.

 I am printing out these guidelines and putting them into my homemaking binder so I can study and memorize them. They are convicting and life changing to a Mother!

Mrs. White

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Lorie said...

Oh, Mrs. White, I understand the heartache.

I mourn daily over my failings at #2 on the list. Perhaps it is not too late?

Thank you for sharing so honestly. It helps to know I am not alone.

Blessings to you and your precious family.

Deanna said...

Mrs. White,
I will be praying for your sweet family.

God richly bless,

Cindy Ellison said...

Mrs. White, I just listened to your posting of "Farther Along", it made me feel better today and to remember the important things.

Hope you are feeling better and that you have the sun shining there as it is here.

Thank you for all you share.


nannykim said...

It is so true that we can only do so much and we have to leave it in God's hands. It is amazing how God can work in our kids hearts sometimes by allowing them to learn through what I would call the rough knocks of life. I have seen God draw each of my kids to him and enable them to stand firm in Him and yet with each one it was through individual difficulties and with one child a long drifting. But each of them are very strong in Him now. I have really seen how continuing in prayer for our children enables even the bad things to be used for their good.

Ps. Ryles' advice is great

Dawn said...

What an awesome picture of them praying!

I just bought my son the book "Thoughts For Young Men" by J.C. Ryle - and the study guide that's been made to go with it. Very much looking forward to going thru it with him.

Nadene said...

Your posts always inspire me and touch my heart. Thank you for sharing.