Thursday, October 21, 2010

Acting Happy to Cheer Up

Bouquet of Roses

As I was working in my kitchen yesterday, one of my moods came on. (smiles) It was a somber, sad mood. Those things happen from time-to-time for no apparent reason. It is not pleasant. I tried everything I could think of to cheer up. I didn't want to alarm the family. I didn't want the children to see me sad. I knew if they were laughing and happy, it would gladden my heart. So I turned on some Christmas music and it helped tremendously.

Sometimes we just have to act happy, and wait for the feeling or emotion to follow.  I cannot tell you how many times I've smiled, with a joyous glow in my eyes, and a warm remark to a child or stranger, despite some misery in my soul.  It is not that I hide the occasional pain. It is more like pushing it away and refusing to let it overcome me.  I cannot dwell on sadness.

Today, it is time to focus on spreading rainbows and happy thoughts.  I will do a little housekeeping this morning. I will do some baking. I will listen to Christmas music and get dressed up. Then I will spend the day playing games with the children and reading them stories. I will be enchanted by whatever delights them!

It will be a lovely day!

Mrs. White

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Kristi said...

"Sometimes we just have to act happy, and wait for the feeling or emotion to follow."
Amen, Mrs. White. :)
I use Pandora and type in "Julie Andrews" I usually get a ton of famous showtunes which I love dearly. I start singing and my kids stop fighting (cause they can't hear the music if they are wrestling) and they start dancing. :) Great post, thanks for sharing.

Christine:) said...

Christmas music never fails to cheer me up:) Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Jacqueline Mukweto said...

I agree! Often time you have to remind your body and thoughts that you control them they will not control you.

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