Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Animal Throw Pillow for Children

Product - Animal Pillow (Bear)

Company - ThrowPillows.org

I was offered a special throw pillow. I had no idea when it would arrive. On one of our errand days, we stopped at the post office before heading into town. There was a large box just for us! Amy (15) immediately got into the front passenger seat and opened it up to find a cute blue bear. She was so excited!

It lays flat, but you can Velcro the bottom part so it turns into a "stuffed bear!" Amy thought it was adorable and I let her keep it.

She named it "Romeo the Cuddle Bear." I will quote her - (smiles) - "He's a bear and a pillow. . to snuggle!"

Doesn't she look cute with Romeo?

ThrowPillows.org offers a variety of pillows. The animal throws are not yet available on the site, but are an example of the many pillows you can choose from.

These are designed for ages 3 and up. They are perfect for small children and teens as well!

*Disclosure - This is a Mama Buzz Review. I received this product from the company for review purposes.*

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