Monday, October 18, 2010

Encouraging you to do Family Worship

The Whole Household, Including the Maidservants, Gather for Bible Reading and Prayer

The last few nights, our family Bible time has been extra special.  One night, after we finished, and started to get some housework done, I noticed John (13) still sitting at the table, with his Bible open. He was reading it with this peaceful look on his face. I smiled and said, "Are you reading the Bible for fun?"  He just looked up at me with a nod and then went back to reading.

Last night, even though we had been on the road for almost the entire day, we settled down for Family Worship. John and I sat at the table together for a short version of our normal routine (prayer, reading, hymn, more prayer.)  Amy (15) was nearby. Then, out of nowhere, Matthew walked into the room. (I forgot to call everyone to the table.) He came over to me, and offered to read one verse. He looked over my shoulder, at my Bible, and read for us. I was so proud of him. He is 17 and is rarely home during Family Worship. I was grateful he came over without my asking!

So this time, when I recorded the names in my Record Book, I was able to add Matt's name, even if he was only present for one verse.

I want to encourage you to do Family Worship at home. It is an essential religious duty.  Even if it is only you and one or two of your children. Whoever you are able to call around the Family Bible each day, just start some sort of routine. It can be short - 5 minutes, to longer - 30 minutes, depending on what you are able to do. It is such a blessing!  If you have older teens, who may not be able to participate, believe me, they will watch from afar. They notice and they will see the source of your faith!  What about Dad? If Dad is leading your Family worship, that is wonderful! In many cases, this is not possible. Perhaps he works all the time, or maybe he is not willing or able to participate. Then it is left to the Mother. It should not be left undone. Susanna Wesley is a perfect example of this. She was the mother of 19 children (including John Wesley). Her husband was often away from home. She made sure to have daily Bible reading and prayer with her children.

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~Celeste~ said...

I've been reading your blog for a while and thought I'd finally say hello! Thank you for this post. I grew up without any family bible study time. We prayed together in the evening, but did not study the bible at all. I've been attempting to do Family bible study and prayer time with my children (they're very you, 7, 4, and 10 months), and we don't always spend a whole lot of time on it. But I've noticed how eagerly they all come to sit together and pray and listen. It's a beautiful time. Your post was encouraging! Thank you!

Clint said...

Thank you for posting your feelings about faith and prayer. So very sad how we have fashionably moved away from Christian values as a nation.

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