Sunday, October 24, 2010

Entrusted with Arrows

Documentary - Entrusted with Arrows - Entrepreneurial Home School Fathers

Company - Movie Makers

Facebook Page - Entrusted with Arrows.

Description from the Publisher:

"Entrusted With Arrows highlights the efforts of a few Christian men who take extreme measures to directly train up their children in the way they should go. They do this by not only educating them at home, but by developing businesses which allow them to be with their children on a regular basis, living side by side with them, following the commands of Deuteronomy 6."

My Thoughts:

When I first heard about this documentary, I was extremely curious. I am always interested in godly families doing what they can to raise their children. I am even more interested in seeing how Fathers are able to start their own businesses and work with their children. I was able to watch an online preview of this movie. It was a little over an hour long. It held my attention from the very first moment.

The host, Greg Lammiman offered a compelling and convicting narration. He shared quotes, statistics and studies to seriously educate us. He also lead us through the interview clips of 5 Fathers, who shared about their work, families and blessings.

Here are the families in this movie:

1. Dale and Lisa Jost - (11 children)
They have a variety of income sources including: Woodworking, Raising Dogs and a Music Ministry. (I have actually seen some of their videos and heard their music. Do a search for the Jost family online. You'll love them!)

2. John and Kyrsten Brown - (3 children)
They operate a coffee business.  Their family is endearing! John says their children have always had Dad home and think it's normal!

3.  Greg and Bonnie Munger - (4 children)
They started a painting business, and now offer homeschool testing.  Their son Paul and his wife have 6 children, who are also homeschooled. I love their dedication!

4. Sam and Kathy Clemons - (8 children)
Sam runs a surveying business and keeps it small so he can spend plenty of time with his family. Sam's wisdom is enlightening and I loved seeing his wife and children, all working together.

5. Harold and Cindy Rushton - (2 children)
They run a Playground construction business. They offer great advice.

I loved "meeting" these Christian families and "visiting" their homes and lives. We get to hear from the Moms and see the children as well as listen to the advice and stories from the Dads. There is so much information here and you will be greatly inspired to make a change in your own life. Whether you are able to have Dad come home to work, or just find a way to spend more time to "Raise" these arrows we have been given, this video is an outstanding resource!

Entrusted With Arrows Official Trailer from Dallas Lammiman on Vimeo.

*Disclosure - I was given the opportunity to view this video for review purposes.*

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