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Mother's Health

Two Little Girls Help their Mother with the Laundry on Washday

In the old days, Mother had so much work to do at home, it helped her stay fit. She would churn the butter, knead bread dough (by hand), wash clothes outdoors, beat rugs, tend to animals, garden, and so much more.

The food she ate was often home grown and home cooked. Junk food and chemical preservatives did not enter the general marketplace until the 1950's. Even then, Mothers had to be convinced by advertisers that these foods had a place in her kitchen.

We need mothers to be healthy and strong. I have some suggestions that might help. There are two topics I will discuss. What we eat and how much we move. I hope you are able to glean some ideas that will work for you!

What We Eat

1. We are bombarded with temptation in the stores, in our homes and in advertisements, to eat as much as we want. The variety of temptations are astounding. Anything from donuts to chips to ice cream are available to us for impulse splurging. But snacks and treats used to be occasional or once a week!

One way to help curb this problem of overeating - set up a schedule. Here is an example:

8 am breakfast
Light serving of real oatmeal -not the sugary instant kind. Sliced Apple. Tea

10:30 am Carrot sticks and crackers

1:00 pm Lunch
Sandwich or soup or leftovers

3:00 pm Apple

6:00 pm Supper
Whatever the family meal consists of - such as meatloaf, potatoes, corn, etc.

That's it for the day. (Dessert once a week.)

If we are busy and active with housework, projects or errands, we will not have time to eat all day long. We will also look forward to our scheduled snack or meals.

Or, if eating too often makes you think about food too much, and you are not suffering from diabetes (where you need to maintain your blood sugar levels) eat only the three simple meals with no snacks. Just do whatever works for you. But do not eat all day long. Do not snack all day long. Your body needs a break. It cannot digest food all day because then it won't have time to rebuild your cells or heal.

Do not
eat until you get full. Only eat a portioned amount and then get busy with something else. Don't think about food all the time.

Remember this the next time you are tempted by a sweet treat - all you really need is one small bite - one taste. If you continue to eat and eat and eat that snack (getting seconds and thirds or fourths) you are going to cause damage to your body. All you really wanted is to taste it. Then go do something else.

Don't kill me for saying this...... But, one of my older daughters bought a t-shirt that says, "Please don't feed the models."  Honestly, models do not eat junk and snacks all the time. They are on strict food plans to maintain their health and that healthy glow in their faces. (I am not talking about the models who are suffering and have eating disorders, but the professionals who take excellent care of themselves because of their work.)

Drinking water -

Have you seen the common recommendation to drink 8 glasses of water a day? I have never heard of anyone successfully doing that. But I will say this - If you drink too much (even water)you are going to put a strain on your system. All things should be done in moderation. We should replace some of our normal drinks with water or sip on water when necessary. But drinking water all day long and forcing large amounts, is not good for us.

Moving More -

Many Mothers have serious health problems. Some have swollen legs, severe diabetes and other conditions that make it almost impossible to exercise normally. Here are some ideas to help:

1. Sit in a chair and do leg lifts, move your arms, and tighten your ab muscles. Do whatever you can while sitting in the chair. Increase reps as the weeks go on.

2. Make it a rule to park at the end of the parking lot so you have to walk *briskly* in all kinds of weather to get to a store. Even though this is difficult, it is an excellent and efficient way to build up endurance, strength and discipline.

3. Find a few times during the day when you are able to walk (even if it is just around the house). Walk briskly.

4. Do one or two extra household chores each day - like vacuuming or washing floors. Something that will  provide a good workout while cleaning.

What if you fail?

What if you eat way too much one day, or don't exercise at all? This reminds me of when we sin. It is going to happen!! We will have plenty of days when we eat junk or are "lazy." That is just part of our nature. But we will also have many good days! The point is to keep trying. Keep trying on an hourly basis. Never give up! Results will come for those who don't quit! It may take weeks or months or even years, but the goal is to have good health and that is worth putting in all the effort and suffering it requires!

What ideas can you add to this list? Have you found easy ways to exercise? What about tips for avoiding junk food or overeating? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Sometime today I will be posting a giveaway that relates to your health. I know you will love it. Stay tuned!

Mrs. White

"The first lesson in Christ's school is self-denial." - Matthew Henry

“To lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals.”      Benjamin Franklin

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. White! I'm a daily lurker on your blog, but wanted to say one thing I find that keeps me happy all day is to get some protein in the morning. For example, I drink 4 ounces of low fat milk with breakfast or have a small piece of cheese or a small yogurt with snack.

Bible Babe said...

Hi Mrs. W,
I wanted to add a bit to the water drinking aspect ogf your post. As a massage therapist, I learned a long time ago how important drinking water is. I accidentally learned how bad drinjing too much is a couple of years ago. I suddenly began drinking glass after glass, and began to feel terrible, with some scary symptoms. I finally went to the doctor, and he pointed out the edema I had in my legs. I took water pills for two weeks, and dropped 18 POUNDS of nothing but water. I have since gone back to drinking the right amount of water, and this year I have lost 60 pounds by eating right and walking up in my mountains. I am up to almost 6 miles a day, and I can tell such a difference. Yes it takes a large chunks of time, but I spend it singing praise and praying. I appreciate your blog.

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