Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review - The Edge of the Divine by Sandi Patty

Book - The Edge of the Divine by Sandi Patty

Publisher - Thomas Nelson

Description from Publisher

"Award-winning vocalist, speaker, and author Sandi Patty uncovers the crucial decision every woman must make to leave a life of regret and find a life of freedom and joy."

My Thoughts

I love the music ministry of Sandi Patty. She has an amazing, spiritually uplifting voice. Her book is about her struggle with weight loss and how you can be helped as well. She shares personal stories, spiritual- lessons- learned and offers encouragement. However, she goes off on a track describing things I would never want to hear over tea-time. I didn't think it was appropriate or necessary for a general audience. I was actually very upset by it. Because of this, sadly, I will not recommend this book.

*Disclosure - I receive this book from Thomas Nelson for review purposes. *


Clint said...

I am amazed at the power and drive of Sandy's voice. She is one of a kind in the gospel/praise music industry today. I can only imagine what you might be referring to as objectionable in your review. It is generally well known that she has made mistakes in her life---perhaps she goes into them too deeply?

Thanks for your thoughts on this, Mrs. White---love your blog!

Amy said...

Mrs. White,

Sandi and her family went to my home church growing up. Her daughter Anna and I were in school together and my mom has taught all her kids music.

I would be curious to read the book, as I have had questions over the years myself...

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