Thursday, October 28, 2010

Review - The Next Great Move of God

Book- The Next Great Move of God - Christians returning to their Hebraic Roots by Dr. LaSalle R. Vaughn

Publisher - VMI publishers

ISBN-10: 1935265059

 Date of Publication - October 7, 2009

Price - $9.63 (Amazon)


"Christians Returning to Their Hebraic Roots will open your eyes to the Jewish world of Jesus.  This profound book reveals that the Christian life is much more than salvation; it's a lifestyle of obedience to the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation."

The book contains the following chapters -

1. Restoring the Hebrew Roots of our Faith.
2. Returning to the Ancient Paths
3. Symbols of our Faith
4. Understanding the Times
5. It's Time to Turn toward Jerusalem
6. Keys to the Heart of the Kingdom
7. America is a Judeo-Christian Nation
8. One New Man

There is also a glossary to help us understand the meaning of many words mentioned, such as "Brit Chadashah," (New Testament) and "Dreidel" (Four -Sided top, used for Hanukkah).

The book is full of fascinating facts, Bible references, current events (some of the various "movements" currently sweeping through our churches), and information on how to daily observe the Biblical commandments. The book is well done, easy to read, and definitely something we need! If you are seeking to understand the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, you will be greatly encouraged by this book.

* This is a Mama Buzz Review. I was provided with a copy of this book, from the publisher, for review purposes.*

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