Friday, October 22, 2010

Time for Homemaker to shop at the Market

Shoppers at Butcher Counter in A&P Grocery Store

It is time to head out to the market. I laid out the grocery ads and carefully planned my menu for the week. Then I made a list of all the ingredients I needed. I went through the pantry shelves, and checked off each item I already have on hand. My grocery list is fairly small, so I am happy.

I have to spend an enormous amount of time in the kitchen today. I need to clean, put away groceries and prepare a late supper.

I will also post an elegant menu on the wall near the kitchen. Everyone will be able to see what our "nightly" suppers will be. I want them to look forward to eating home cooked meals.

I also need to do some baking- fresh muffins and cookies and cake. These will be the snacks to fill in the gaps throughout the day. There will also be biscuits during the week.

I will buy oranges and grapes, and serve a little on the side of our supper plates on some nights.

In a little while, I will leave my cozy, warm home and head to the shops. I will select groceries to fill up my kitchen pantry. Then I will come home and dutifully, and happily get back to my homemaking.

Mrs. White

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busymomof10 said...

This sounds wonderful!! I'd love to live in your house and enjoy your good cooking and your cozy home!!!

But, alas, I must create that for my family instead! :)

I'd love to see what your menu is and how you post it for your family. I'm trying to come up with a creative way of posting my menu in my kitchen each week. Care to post a picture of yours???

Supper here: Chicken Pot Pie. YUM! :) I have a super easy recipe that always turns out well.

Enjoy your evning with your family!


Mrs. White said...

Thank you Elizabeth! I love to visit the homes of others to get inspiration!

You are making chicken pot pie tonight? I was thinking of doing the same thing! If you care to share your recipe, I'd love to see it! (either on your blog and link back here or just post it in a comment - if you want!)

Mrs. White

Mrs. White said...

Oh! I will try to post my kitchen menu! There are so many things I endeavor to do. I can only hope to remember this one!

Mrs. White

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