Sunday, November 28, 2010

Do Not Allow Drama to Interfere with your Routine

A Wistful Glance, 1897

In the movie, "Fiddler on the Roof," Tevye was constantly interrupted by people, events and problems. Yet, he still made it home in time for Sabbath. He still said his prayers when he was supposed to, and he still continued to do his daily work.

I vividly recall seeing him "shush" those around him while he stopped to pray. His wife was mercilessly bugging him. Nevertheless, he still prayed. I will never forget that.

In the Movie "Georgia Rule" starring Jane Fonda (I don't recommend this one unless you are surrounded by troubled teens), the grandmother kept a strict routine at home. I was proud of her strength, courage, and stand, despite a whirlwind tornado of a granddaughter.

In my own home, drama happens all the time. Either someone is in need, or a teenager is upset, or the phone is constantly ringing, or someone needs a ride. Whatever the case may be, it can cause me to have an anxiety attack if I do not stick to my routine. We cannot be walked all over, or drained of every speck of energy we have. It will make us irritable and sick.  It is essential that we still do our Bible Times, say our prayers and attend church. We need the Lord. I read a quote from somewhere by Martin Luther that goes perfectly with this: "I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer."

[There are certainly times of emergency - but that is far different than constant drama.]

I love the photo above, of the elderly lady walking along with, what may be, her granddaughter. They have genteel characters. They are enjoying a delightful walk on a lovely day. They are probably going home to prepare supper.  We need our routines.  Others may look at this and scoff or laugh, but as they mature and age, they begin to see the wisdom of an orderly, God-centered life.

We need set times for meals. We need bedtimes and times to rise. We need order. We need all this to keep sane in a drama-filled world.

Today, I have some difficult things I need to do. But I am going to find a way to attend church. I am going to find a way to keep it calm and peaceful. Somehow, I am going to keep to a routine, despite all the trouble it will take to accomplish. It is the only way I will find peace.

Mrs. White

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alecat said...

I remember that scene from Fiddler on the Roof! It had an affect on me also, just like a scene from a film version of Jacob's life where Esau was portrayed as too impatient to stop and pray for his food with the family (yes, it was creative license).

There are fundamentals that must be attended to before anything else.

Deanna said...

God bless you, Mrs. White.

When it soaked in that God took disorder and turned it into order...I realized that being orderly was godly.
It's right on.

A godly characteristic.
Have a sweet day,

Kathy said...

I pray you did make it to church today. I know what a blessing that is to me and how it helps me each week. Each time I get a post in my inbox from you, I try to read it as soon as possible. You encourage me so much. I have 2 teens and an elementary child. Sometimes I don't choose to deal with drama in the best way. I'm learning, but I often feel I'm too slow a learner. May God bless you this week for the many blessings you've sent through your blog.

Michelle said...

God has truly given you these words today to share with us, dear sister!

We have had much drama in our house in the last month in the form of constant illness. Homeschool and others things ended up going out the window. I am now the last to be sick, and we have a house full of serious cough-ers!!

Thank you for encouraging words of perseverance!

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