Monday, November 1, 2010

House Account (Month Six)

House Account Monthly is a Meme for Prudent Homemakers, which I host on the first of each month. Find out more about it and then come back to read my check-in.

- Did you record all your spending this month?

For the first two weeks, I kept detailed records. Then I got distracted and let all my receipts pile up.  Please understand, there is a difference between paying bills and staying on budget (which is what I am doing), and actually writing down every single thing I do in my ledger book.  Last night, I actually thought of just skipping the rest of October because I didn't want the bother of going back and writing it all down. But when I picked up my book, I looked over past entries and remembered all the things we did - a trip into the city to visit my girls (how could I have forgotten?), buying a special book for Amy (15), and on another day, I bought Amy a flashlight - which reminded me that she went to the corn maze with her youth group. So the ledger book has become a sort of diary of our lives and it is lovely! I will certainly go back over it all today and catch up.

For November, I will try to be much more diligent in recording it all.

- What are your goals for keeping a ledger? 

Future generations of my family will read my ledger book and find out what kind of person I was. They will see how much  money I spent and what I chose to spend it all on.

- Any helpful resources you've found? (such as a website, link to an article, or book)

I have been thinking I would like to re-read two books this month - The Long Winter and Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder. The way they handled money in the 1800's is instructive, inspiring and amazing!

- Were you able to put aside some savings this month? 

Our expenses for October were tremendous. I was not able to save anything.

- How About You?

Are you keeping track of your finances in an old fashioned ledger book? I'd love to see how you did last month. Please share your thoughts, or a link to your blog post,  in the comments section.

Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

Good morning Mrs. White!

I started to keep track this past month on October 29th.

I will join you in a post at the end of November.

I am convinced that this is the only way I could see where our small income is finally going.

Blessings to your day!


Anonymous said...

Mrs. White,

I keep a money notebook..nothing fancy. We are so tight that I have to keep track so I know how much will be left over and also make sure all the bills are paid:)

I just re-read the Long Winter:)

We were not able to put any back for savings...I hope to this month. We closed our savings account because it was costing us 10.00 a month for not having enough money in it...I am going to find a old jar like the Waltons Family to keep our savings in:)

Blessings to you!!!!!!!!


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