Friday, November 19, 2010

KB Teachers

TOS Crew Review

Product - KB Teachers - online resource

Price - $29 per year (after a free 10 day trial) or $49 for two years.

What is KB Teachers? - "Your Source for Dynamic Worksheets and Printable Pages."

I waited until the last minute to check this out. I wish I had started on this as soon as I received my membership! I was thrilled to find worksheets on all kinds of topics. I quickly went through math, writing, and grammar and printed out several pages for my teens to work on. I couldn't wait to hand these pages out!

Here's what I did the first day:

I gave Amy (15) and John (13) A "Fact or Opinion" sheet. This contains a list of questions like, "Dogs are the best pets to own." The children had to decide if this was a "Fact" or "Opinion." They loved this and quickly went through the worksheet.

For Fun, I also gave them the "most difficult" Thanksgiving maze. KB offers levels of difficulties for mazes, depending on the grade level of your student. Since I have teens, I chose the hardest one to keep them challenged.

I have to explain something here. Amy is a typical teenager. She does not want to be told what to do, when to do it, or how to do it. She wants to schedule her own time and have some control. So I put her worksheets on the table, pointed to them and then let her decide when to do them.  Sometime later in the day, she had the fact or opinion paper finished.  That night, while she was talking on the phone, I saw her doing the maze!

John, on the other hand, is more than happy to sit at the table and do the papers right away!

On the second day:

I gave the children a larger stack of papers. This included:

1. To, Two, or Too (Do you know the difference between these three?)

2. Homonyms: An Alphabetical Series - (page one)

3. What time is it? Clocks (for fun!)

4. Contractions - a coloring paper which required the student to match up words like: Could not with Couldn't.

I know, I know. These sound easy for teenagers. But the fact is, they keep their minds sharp and are great for review. It is also very nice for them to have paperwork to do that does not overwhelm them or seem too difficult.

[* In case you were thinking -  Are there harder worksheets at KB? Yes!  Not to worry. You'll find plenty of worksheets that are both easy and difficult, depending on which level or subject you choose.]

John took a little longer on these papers. But he enjoyed them. As for Amy, she rolled out of bed late in the morning (again)! I had to run out for an errand. I quickly showed her the papers and went out the door. She stayed home with Dad.  To my complete surprise, when I got home, I noticed all her papers were still on the table, but they were all finished!! She really enjoys having these worksheets to do.

- I  have to share something. All these "fun" school papers have gotten her into an academic "mood." On the second night, she stayed up late working on a college math book. So, while we were all asleep, she was studying math! The best part? No one told her to do that.

I have several more stacks of printed worksheets and will hand a few out each day. I love these. My only concern is that KB will run out of pages for us to do! (I doubt that will happen.)

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*I received a membership from KB Teachers, for review purposes through The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Crew*


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