Friday, November 12, 2010

The Old Way - The Way of Holiness

Family Going to Church on Sunday in Winter

It is a dark and quiet morning at our Estate. Frost covers the front property. I took one of my favorite books off the shelf and sat in my corner chair near the wood stove. I am reading The Treasury of David, volume 3, by Charles Spurgeon. I decided to focus on the section for Psalm 119. There are all kinds of notes and quotes by great ministers of old.

Some of what I read that inspired me this morning:

"We cannot guide ourselves. Unaided, we stumble into sloughs of defilement. But all help is near. Jesus is at hand to keep us by his mighty power. Let us lean on his supporting arm at every step, and when we fall let us rise and wash our robes in his all-cleansing blood. So may we ever be among 'the undefiled in the way'; and let the law of the Lord, lovely in purity, glorious in holiness, perfect in love, be the path in which our feet advance. Jesus is our model and our all. God's law was in his heart." - Henry Law, in Family Devotion, 1878

"Thence it is that the saints find their estate miserable till they form the habit which maketh them with facility and constancy walk with God;  there being no greater misery than to see themselves doing good duties uncheerfully, no sooner entering them than out again, and desisting from them. On the contrary, they count it of all things most blessed to have attained some degree of permanent habit in godliness.  The blessedness which is here spoken of, the actual execution of that blessedness which comes to us by faith in Christ." - Paul Bayne, 1617.

I sat here, enjoying the words of the saints - who being dead, yet speaketh. In this life, we are always going to struggle with distractions and have a fight with time.  There is never going to be enough time to do everything we ought. Perhaps we have good intentions, but some crisis comes. That is why a set of habits or a schedule of religious duties is essential.  One thing I noticed, is if I am spending much time (throughout the day and night) here and there in Bible study, prayer or the reading of good spiritual books, I have a special zeal or delight in heavenly things and it shines through to my children. I want to share it - I am extra kind and patient. I have a wisdom that is not my own.

Here is a suggested schedule of religious duties  -

Early Morning (before the family is awake)
      Bible study, prayer, and possibly reading a devotional book or something like Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss (1800's)

Before or After Breakfast (with the family)
      A short Bible Time or family worship

Mid-morning (amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life)
         Have an open Bible on the corner table, and read a few verses. Then say a quick prayer.

Early afternoon  (while cleaning the kitchen)
        Listen to some hymns or gospel music while working. Even though you may be surrounded by children, they will absorb the culture around you, of the beauty of godliness, by what you are doing and what you are listening to.

       Family Worship- Bible time together

Late evening (after all have gone to bed)
       A Quiet time of Bible reading, and perhaps a devotional book.

What about when you are traveling? I always bring a Bible with me, and a religious book. When I retire to my room (whether a guest room in someone's home or a hotel room), I read the Bible and some of the devotional book.

What about short car trips for local errands, on extra busy days? I bring a religious book and read while sitting in waiting rooms or in the car while I wait for one of the children to finish a class, or errand.

What about when someone is sick and cannot participate in Family Worship? - I am sure the little treasure can hear the family read the Bible from her bed. Leave her door open a bit and be sure to pray for each family member, including her, by name. She will be warmed and comforted. Then Mother may go and sit with her and read some special story.

In this way, the home becomes like a little church. It is the Old Way. It is the school of precious holiness and joy. It is the home I long to have. May it be so.

Mrs. White
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Mrs. Stam said...

thanks you for this encouraging post! reading the word of God all throughout the day, being part of our daily life is a testimony for our family and is very good indeed :-)

Love how God is part of your life instead just a Sunday think :-)

Anonymous said...

I found your blog a few weeks ago, and have been so encouraged by you! Thank you.

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