Wednesday, December 1, 2010

House Account (Month Seven)

House Account Monthly is a Meme for Prudent Homemakers, which I host on the first of each month. Find out more about it and then come back to read my check-in.

- Did you record all your spending this month?

I did this in a haphazard way.  At the beginning of the month, I wrote everything down. Then I forgot and the receipts piled up. I let poor John (13) handle them. He recorded everything for the rest of the month. I did the final entries this morning. I really need to keep trying to do it on a daily basis! That's my goal for December.

- What are your goals for keeping a ledger? 

Future generations of my family will read my ledger book and find out what kind of person I was. They will see how much  money I spent and what I chose to spend it all on.

- Any helpful resources you've found? (such as a website, link to an article, or book)

In "The American Frugal Housewife" (1833) by Mrs. Child, it says:

"It is wise to keep an exact account of all you expend  - even a paper of pins.  This answers two purposes; it makes you more careful in spending money, and it enables your husband to judge precisely whether his family lives within his income.  No false pride, or foolish ambition to appear as well as others, should ever induce a person to live one cent beyond the income of which he is certain.  If you have two dollars a day, let nothing but sickness induce you to spend more than nine shillings; if you have one dollar a day, do not spend but seventy-five cents; if you have half a dollar a day, be satisfied to spend forty cents."

- Were you able to put aside some savings this month? 

No. I have gotten into a bad habit of being careless. If I am more precise in spending, I am easily able to save.

- How About You?

Are you keeping track of your finances in an old fashioned ledger book? I'd love to see how you did last month. Please share your thoughts, or a link to your blog post,  in the comments section.

Mrs. White

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sandy said...

This is one of my resolutions for 2011. Will you still be doing it them? I guess I need something to keep it in my mind and act as encouragement to really do it.

Mrs. White said...

Hi Sandy!

Yes, I will still be doing this next year. It is an ongoing project. Hope to have you join us!

Mrs. White

Trace said...

Hi there! Great meme idea!
I've actually stumbled upon your blog by googling houshold ledgers. One of my intentions for the new year is to take my role as homemaker more seriously...
I'd like to research more about household accounts... and how they were kept centuries ago..
I know that they were kept and used in order to make sound financial decisions.. kept track of inventories, crop yields, etc.. I'd like to learn more about the modern homemaker can utilize these same techniques!

Glad to hear that you are continuing this in the new year. I'm going to join along!


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