Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Housekeeping Despite Illness - and our Christmas Trees

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Sometimes I think I am not sick, I am just old. That has to be it! I have learned to adjust. I wonder if this has anything to do with my various physical breakdowns I've had throughout the year. But I have accepted this. I still have to keep house. I still LOVE to keep house.

I do my dishes throughout the day. Sometimes, I clean the table first. Then I clean the counters. This way, I can see some pretty progress. Next, I start scraping and soaking dishes. Then I sit down for a spell.

When the children and I did heavy cleaning last Thursday, I was completely wiped out for a few hours. But I was fine again after a long rest. The house also looked quite lovely and pleasant.

Today, I have cleaned the kitchen and living room. I did some laundry and then I took a short nap. Mr. White has been home for a few days. He and John (13) are putting up the lights outside on the house and trees. We have Christmas trees on the front property which were planted many years ago. They have grown to their fullest splendor and look delightful, particularly in the winter, covered in snow.

Just a few hours ago, I took a picture of Mr. White out on the front property. He is preparing the trees to string them with lights!

Christmas Trees at The White House

Later tonight, I will come back here to this post, and I will share night photos of our house and trees, all lit up! The best part of all this, I get to sit near the hearth, resting and drinking hot chocolate, while my dear husband does all the work.

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[Edited update - It is now after 5 p.m and very dark here in Vermont. I just took the pictures. They are below. Mr. White still has to add more lights to the house and the second tree. Hopefully he can do that tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the photos!]

Night Vision- Christmas Trees at The White House

Front Property of the White House -  Snowy, Night Vision

Mrs. White

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Unknown said...

I think that too about myself. I wake up in the morning and the first words out of my mouth are, "I'm old!" But my dear husband reminds me that no, you are not old you are alive and you are just feeling it!

I can't wait until tonight to see all your decorations. The trees are beautiful just the way they are with all that snow. I can't imagine how much more so when you decorate.

Mrs. Stam said...

Even if I'm young 31 is still young right??? I notice that I have to take shorter brake during the day to be able to "do it all" it all take longer to do but still get done!

my husband's often have to tell me to slow down, because I tend to over do it and then can't sleep at night because of pain :-(

The Crazy Mom said...

If ever my children come to me calling, "Mom! Mom! You've been personally invited to the White House for a tree lighting cermony!" I'd be so thrilled.

Then I'd find out it was in Washington, DC, and I'd be so disappointed!!! :)

Joyce Ackley said...

Beautiful, day and night! The snowy evening looks perfectly enchanting.

Dimple said...

Your house and trees are lovely! What a blessing it is to have a family which helps each other and cares for each other!

Catherine said...

Your lights look beautiful - Especially with the snowy yard! I am always encouraged by your posts about housekeeping in spite of illness. I suffer with chronic pain. I wish you didn't, but your posts are so gently encouraging. Thank you. <3