Sunday, December 19, 2010

When Daddy Goes Back to Work

Mother and Child Looking Out Window as Father and Older Brothers Walk to Car in Snow

Mr. White had been tricking me about his vacation time. Then I found out he had an additional week off from work. We've had a nice restful time at home with the children. I cooked and baked and cleaned. I did a lot of schoolwork. It was so nice for the children to have Dad home all the time.

Mr. White had many projects and plans he was busy with. Then, at times, he would just rest and watch a television program. In the evenings, he looked forward to  seeing what I was cooking for supper. I enjoyed our slow-paced routine.

Then he went back to work. I counted the days before he would have another day off. We all miss him when he is gone. Doesn't it sound like he goes away on a trip? (smiles) No, he just works his 8 or 10 hour shift and comes home! But we miss him just the same.

I like to think about the 50's and 60's, when suburban living was the normal type of home life for families. Moms were home. The children went to school. Dads went to work. It was the traditional way. Now there are fathers who work from home, or there is a family business. The other day, I saw this working mother with her three children. Each child had a drink and a snack. They were all well-dressed and happy. I see so many working (career) moms. Some are teachers, secretaries, and nurses. They have busy, productive lives and usually have the money to buy whatever they need and sometimes, whatever they want. The working mother has become the most normal thing in the world. I wonder how many homemakers there are anymore? Sometimes I feel so out-of-place, like I am the only one left. And I wonder how that affects my own children.

Things are so different. But somehow, in my mind, I keep it as traditional as possible.

Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

I come from a family where none of the women stayed home with their children. I didn't know anybody chose to be a stay-at-home-mom anymore until I got to college and my then boyfriend, now husband told me about his mom being home. A whole new world opened to me then. When we become parents, our plan is for me to stay home and for us to live simply on my husband's teacher income. We are trying to live on one income now to practice. When I tell people about my plan, they just about drop their teeth, and I think how years ago, people would drop their teeth if you said you were going to be a career mom. Still, I am not afraid to follow God's leading in my life, even if people think I'm strange.

Lorus! said...

I know how you feel, I am often the only stay-at-home mom in the group. But my children worry about other kids whose moms work: "Who takes care of them?" My little ones don't even know what daycare or school (in a building away from home) is. I love being home with them, regardless of what we don't have materially. I know that they will remember so much more than the material things!

Linda said...

I also sometimes feel that I was born in the wrong era. When I visit with my 25 yr.old son and hear him tell his girl- friend of the fun we had at home, it makes me so happy. I am still home with my 17 yr.old daughter and loving it. I know this is where God wants me.

Anonymous said...

I too feel like the "only one" at times. I was raised by a single, working mom and she is embarrased I am a housewife. I love it and know it is pleasing to the Lord!

TheLoriA said...

Well, I shall try this again. I was leaving a message and hit a button and it all disappeared so if an incomplete message was sent to you just disregard it. LOL I just wanted to say thank you for your blog. I have followed it for about 5 or 6 years. I have been blessed to be a housewife our entire marriage, 30 years. Our kids, now all adults and gone, had me around anytime they needed me and sometimes when they wish I wasn't. =) Now as adults they have all told me they appreciate that I was there and that their friends were a bit jealous that they had me at home. As a matter of fact I was the mom that everyone put on their kids emergency card at school. Many a time I picked sick kids up and kept them at our home until their parents could come get them. Living through those years I must admit I felt inadequate. Looking back on them now, though, I would not change a thing. Lately, I have been questioning whether I should go out and get a "job". No kids at home anymore so can I really still stay at home???? I started reading all of your blogs again and I say YES! Yes I can still "stay at home". I enjoy being a housewife. I enjoy taking care of our home and my husband. He takes care of us out in the world. I take care of us right here in our home. Thank you again for this blog. And thank you to your readers who comment. I love reading them. Blessings, Lori

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