Tuesday, January 11, 2011

60 Day Slim Down System

Product - 60 Day Slim Down System (4 DVD pack) by Lindsay Brin

Company - Moms Into Fitness

Price - $49.99

Discount Code for my readers - 30% off (expires Jan. 31, 2011) use coupon code "60daydvd30"

The Set includes the following DVDs:

1. "Post Natal Boot Camp"
2. "Core Metabolic Jumpstart"
3. "Core Firing Sequence Method"
4. "Shed 5 Fast"

How it worked for me:

I downloaded and printed her fitness plan. This is 12 pages long. It includes a 60 day meal plan, 60 day calendar, progress tracker and fit level test.  I received my package on a weekday afternoon and quickly read through the information.

Day One -

In the afternoon, I did the first workout from the calendar. I found it easy to follow. Her small segments were perfect - there was just the right amount of a challenge without being overwhelming.  On the program, you will see three people. Lindsay demonstrates an advanced level, while another person works at a beginner level and a third person shows us an intermediate level. You choose which person to follow throughout the workout. I often mixed and matched, depending on what I could handle.

I also did the progress tracker and filled in the information for day one. This included typical things like weight and measurements. 

Day Two -

I decided to get up at 4 a.m so I could workout in peace and quiet. I wanted to take this seriously and give it all my effort. This was the day for a "fit test." This was so much fun! It took about 5 minutes. I used my kitchen timer and worked out in my attached living room. I had to do a variety of things like sit-ups, etc and record the results. (I actually had so much fun with this, that the following week, I had 2 of my children take the fit test too! They had a great time!)

The calendar directed me to do a couple more things, including a fun cardio workout. It was fun because I got to use my kitchen timer and just walk, jog, etc for a certain number of minutes. The house was dim and quiet and it was a peaceful time.

As my day went on, I had plenty of energy. Even though I had gotten up at 4 a.m. I felt healthy and awake! I was thrilled and didn't even need to take a nap!

Day Three -

I followed the calendar directions and used 2 of the DVDs. There were short sections for me to do on each one, which made it easier to handle. It went by quickly and I was energetic enough to do some housework and have some quiet time before anyone even woke up.

Again, I did not get tired. I took short breaks throughout the day, but was able to do everything I needed and more.

Day Four -

This was a breeze. According to the calendar, It was a "rest" day.  I slept late. (smiles) Then I did my normal activities, but did not workout.

Day Five -

I worked out using one of the DVDs. It was a tough workout. But it only took around 23 minutes. I mostly followed the intermediate person on the screen. I thought it was simple to follow and also challenging.

Later in the day, I did some exercises with my children. Still later in the day, I decided to go ice skating! I had so much fun!!!!! I have not ice skated since I was a teenager!

My Overall Thoughts-

Please realize, I have been consistently exercising for over a year now (through Fit Mommy Friday, which I co-created).  But Lindsay's program really has helped me, even in just a week, to feel more fit and energetic.

I felt like Lindsay was my personal trainer. Her notes and DVDs work very well for me. Her style and approach are excellent. I have every intention of finishing the entire 60 day plan and will continue to workout with her.

I highly recommend this program. HIGHLY! But I do want to make a suggestion. It might work best if you are already used to exercising. Try doing light exercises like walking daily for a couple of weeks. Make sure you are consistent. Then start this program. I don't want you to tire out or give up too soon. So please take the time to prepare yourself for this program.

About Lindsay:

She has two children and is currently expecting her third baby. She has also undergone 4 IVFs.  She shares on her blog about her weight loss journey after having her babies. She has a degree in sports and exercise science and is a certified personal trainer.

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*Disclosure - This is a Mama Buzz Review. The product was provided to me by Moms into Fitness for review purposes.*

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Mel said...

Awesome review, Sharon! It's so personal and real. Love it.

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