Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Afternoon Rest

Tuscan Afternoon

I have been resting the last few days. I have been slow and weary. Lately, it seems I cannot accomplish anything other than sitting and reading.

Just a little while ago, Nicole (21) and Amy (15) took a ride to the store with me. They helped me pick out a few groceries. There is just something about food that cheers us up!

The house is cold. The ground outside is icy and snowy. I will have Mr. White turn on the wood stove and I will sit and take a long rest this afternoon.

For some reason, I have been sad and quiet all morning. It is an unknown sadness. There is no apparent reason.  When this happens, I have to force myself to smile and have a sense of loving meekness. I can't let myself fall into a depression. So I will have some ginger-ale and some tortellini and I will enjoy a late lunch. I will read a Psalm. Then I will do a little cleaning.  Later, I will join in the lively conversations of the children. Then everything will be okay.

Mrs. White

From my Precious Son - Presents to Cheer Me Up.

I must always remember that Mother Makes the Home.

Are we being fair to our children? - A Cheerful and Willing Housekeeper.

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Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Hope you feel better. Tortellini and gingerale sounds good. :)

Anonymous said...

The sure cure for sadness is to count your blessings! And you have alot of those, Mrs. White!!
God bless, Kathy in Illinois

Cindy said...

This is a tough time of year....so much activity, then BAM...quiet. I don't know if that is what has hit you, but I do know that sometimes this happens to me.
Rest up and look around, then be thankful ;)

Anonymous said...

Mrs. White,

I have been having similar symptoms like yourself these days, and it's quite struggle.

I pray that the Lord will give us both strength, to enjoy our blessings, and be contented and happy wives for our families.

-Lady Rose

Kim of Mo Betta said...

Thanks for visiting, following back

Karen said...

New follower from FMBT.
Love your blog!
Hoping you stop by and follow me back.

Taryn said...

I just ordered from the Rod and Staff catalog- Psalm 118:24 KJV- This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.($2.95 to frame). This time of year I make sure I dress warm and go outside in the sunlight. There's snow on the ground here on Long Island but the neighborhood-early-morning walkers are still there. We have a few afternoon walkers,also. I just stroll around our property-get the mail,etc. I watch my granddaughters and homeschool but I need to go outside in January, February and March.

Dawn said...

Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

lifting you up ~hugs