Thursday, January 27, 2011

Boiron USA - Natural Cold Medicine Giveaway

Boiron USA sent me a value pack of cold medicine. This included:

1. Chestal Honey (Cough Syrup).

2. Coldcalm (Quick dissolving cold tablets)

3. Oscillococciunum (Flu)

Each product does not cause drowsiness and has no drug interactions. Natural cold remedies should be used to catch the sickness before it takes root in the body. At the first sign of sickness, one should immediately begin taking the cold medicine.

How it worked for me:

I received this product several weeks ago. I was waiting to get sick. (smiles) Finally, I had a minor sore throat. I started using the "Coldcalm" tablets. These have no real taste. The tablets dissolve easily within a matter of seconds, so there is no need to worry about swallowing a heavy pill. I faithfully watched the clock and took the pills in 15 minute intervals for 2 hours and then continued with the remedy for the rest of the morning.  Thankfully, my sore throat did not get any worse. My 16 year old daughter had just gotten over strep throat so I had been worried I would catch it from her. However, my throat got a little better but did not entirely improve for a few days. I had no real discomfort and am happy to report no ill effects from the medicine.

The Giveaway:

How would you like to win This same value pack of three medicines that I received? All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me your favorite home remedies for winter sickness.

For additional Entries:

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One random winner we be selected on Thursday, February 3, 2011. (U.S.  Entries only.) If I am unable to reach the winner within 48 hours, an alternate winner will be selected. Your entry is only valid if you include a way for me to contact you. 

This contest is closed. The winner is Tami!

*Disclosure -  The product and information were provided to me by Boiron USA for review purposes.*

To find out more about my commercial breaks, please see my disclosure page.

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Tamara Wilkins said...

I am a follower and would like to be entered in the giveaway! =) I'm just now getting into homeopathics, and although I love the health benefits, it's a little tougher on the budget than the regular walmart drugs.. =) I'm all for free samples. P.S. My favorite winter remedy so far, (and my daughters') is once we feel a cold coming on to eat a few cloves of fresh garlic. It burns! so after cutting them up we take a small bite, take a sip of water, then chew a little, then swallow! We've done it a few times the first few days of a cold, and the cold always "reverses"! =)

Dawn said...

I am already a subscriber. :)
Dawn T.

Sarah Tressia said...

my favorite remedy is epsom salt and essential oil bath.

Sarah Tressia said...

I am a follower

Sarah Tressia said...

I "like" your blog on facebook

Anonymous said...

chicken noodle soup for flu and colds is my trick :)

Anonymous said...

shared on fb

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i like u on fb

Madonna said...

One of my best remedies for anything cough related is a spoonful of honey with thyme sprinkled on top. Someone told me years ago while I had pneumonia about it and it really helped me breathe. Now everytime I get a cough I start taking it.

Madonna said...

following on GFC

Madonna said...

liked The Legacy of Home on facebook.

Madonna said...

following thelegacyofhome on twitter @avrilsgranny

Madonna said...

following BoironUSA on twitter

Rodna said...

I don't really have any remedies, and I am trying to learn more about natural meds, and home remedies.

Rodna said...

I'm following.

Sweetpeas said...

I'm a huge fan of apple cider vinegar for sore throat, congestion, and coughing!

Sweetpeas said...

I follow you on GFC

Sweetpeas said...

I like Legacy of Home on FB

Sweetpeas said...

I follow you on twitter

Sweetpeas said...

i like boiron on fb

Sweetpeas said...

I didn't see a like button on twitter, but I'm now following Boiron on Twitter

Penny said...

epsom salts baths!!!!!! ;)

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