Monday, January 31, 2011

A Happy Homeschooling Day

An Apple for Minnie

We are going to have a wonderful homeschooling day! I have new books for the children to work with. I am also going to write lovely educational things all over our chalkboards. We will do some reading and writing and lots of math.

I need to plan a special lunch. I will make it look like we are at a restaurant. I think I will bake some chocolate chip muffins for a delightful treat. I can just imagine the children studying at the table and waiting for those muffins to finish baking!

I will have the children get dressed up so they feel like they are attending a private school. It will be fun. We can all get extra dressed up once in a while. It helps motivate and keep things interesting.

While the children are busy with school projects, I will putter about the house cleaning, doing laundry, doing dishes and baking. Then I will take breaks to help them with their work. Since my children are 13 and 16, they do much of their work independently. This leaves me the opportunity to get plenty of housework done while they are studying.

I do have to tell you that Amy (16) forgot to do her chores last night. (shudder). She was supposed to clean the kitchen but she left quite a mess for me.  Normally I would be annoyed.  But lately I am realizing how quickly they grow up. I am just grateful for children still at home that I get to clean up after. My husband will often say to me, "honey, you're the housewife. It's your job." (smiles). He is right. And yes, the children still need to do chores, but the majority of tasks are taken care of by me. It is a ministry and a blessing to be able to serve and care for everyone here at home.

What are your plans for today?

Mrs. White

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Catherine said...

What a great attitude and plan to make your Monday special! Have fun!

Suzanne said...

We were up early for my daughter's tutor then we came home and I started a turkey soup and turkey pot pie--we had a big turkey Sat night:-) We have a big storm coming so tucking everything in and getting cozy by the wood stove with my knitting and reading with the children.