Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Home Furnishings

Years ago, when my daughter moved into a new apartment, I gave her a set of modern dining room furniture. It was an elegant wooden table top with black legs and a matching set of four chairs. It looked lovely in her new surroundings.

She put a pretty placemat in the center and put a scented candle on top of that. It really made the room stand out and look extra special.

When we purchase new home furnishings, it can help brighten things up. This is the time of year when people are thinking about how they want to make their homes look for spring. Remodeling, painting or just spring cleaning are often on the to-do list.  What kinds of things are you planning this year?

Mrs. White


joyce said...

I always have a decorating project or two going on! I have a new sofa, but the fabric is not wearing well after only a month. It's a Lane sofa, (the Emerson)from a reputable dealer, so they are allowing me to choose another fabric and re-order the sofa. I've got swatches of fabrics to choose from - it's so hard! I'm down to three choices.

I also want to get new faux wood blinds for two rooms.

I love doing new things to my home! I like to hear about what others are doing, too.

Lisa Grace said...

Curtains for the master bedroom, painting trim in the kitchen, and maybe doing some of our floors. I love working on our home!

Deanna said...

Hi there!
I am hoping and praying to have the family room stripped of ancient wall paper that I have been talking about for so long!

Also...the Kitchen built!!!!

Praise the Lord,

Ina's 5 and our Native Homeschool Blog said...

As of the end of this month I will have a whole new house to decorate. I see several sewing projects all though the coming year.

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