Friday, January 14, 2011

A Little Visiting

A Rose, a Tulip, Morning Glory, and Other Flowers in a Glass Vase on a Stone Ledge, 1671

Mr. White has a few days off from work. I have a lot of housework to do and homeschooling with the children. I have been up since 5 a.m. I love the quiet of early mornings before anyone wakes up.

I have to clean the kitchen. Even though it gets cleaned at night, after I go to bed, someone is always in there cooking at the midnight hour. I don't mind as long as it is a small mess. I don't think there is any such thing as "The Kitchen is Closed," in this house. (smiles)

I want to listen to some gospel music while I do my housework. Sometimes, the sound of the old music slowly wakes everyone up, so I try to wait, working in silence, until it is closer to daylight. Then I am happy to turn up that precious music and don't mind if the house wakes up.

I have to come up with a new Bible reading plan. For the past few weeks, I have not been motivated to follow any specific program. I think I will just read a little here and there each day rather than trying to read it all the way through again.

I have three new giveaways I need to get posted soon. I also have to finish reading several review books. But, sometimes, all I want to do is sit quietly in my chair and read some old, classic literature.

I will have to write more later. I think everyone is waking up......

Mrs. White

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Taryn said...

I like my hardcover One Year Bible(KJV). I ordered it through Christian Light Publications-$24.99. They have Strong's Concordance($19.97). I like their catalog. We don't have images of Jesus in our home and we don't like Warner Sallman's images ( 1 Cor.11:14-KJV) but CLP has a children's book with a short-haired Jesus. My other Bible is the large-print Cambridge black KJV/AV.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I hope you have a lovely day and that you enjoy your time with Mr White at home.

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