Saturday, January 22, 2011

Memories of Children building Snowmen

Gonna Br in Trouble

I remember years ago, when were first moved into this old house. My three youngest children raced outside, during the first winter snowfall. We had barely a dusting of snow on our 2 acres. But they were determined to build lots of snowmen. They used a radio flyer wagon and gathered snow from the entire property. They built snowman after snowman, lining our long driveway. There were around 10 snowmen on each side,and the lawn was green and clear of snow! People were driving by and smiling. Some slowed down and waved with approval. Eventually, just before the children were finished, a newspaper reporter came by and took their picture!

On another occasion, when we still owned our store, the three youngest would play on the front porch of the store.  Large snowflakes were falling steadily. They built miniature snowmen all across the top of the porch railing. They had such a delightful time! I can still see their rosy cheeks and smiling faces while they eagerly worked.

When they came back inside, there was always hot chocolate or Campbells soup waiting for them to enjoy!

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Our Village is a Little Different said...

I think it is mostly the children's pleasure with the snow that helps me endure it.

Guiding Light said...

Me - and so many others - are regularly blessed by your blog. So, I've given you an can check it out here.. Blessings!

Deanna said...

Sweet sweet memories!

busymomof10 said...

Such precious memories! I just loved reading about this and had a wonderful mental picture of all those snowmen lined up! :)

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