Monday, January 17, 2011

Peaceful Homemaking

Peaceful Reflections

I cleaned off the kitchen table yesterday. I put away all the books and papers and polished everything up. Then I put away all the winter coats and shoes that had accumulated. Before long, I had found my living room again. Nicole (21) has been home for the past month on semester break from college. Her things have been everywhere. She is heading back to school this week. That means I will notice an emptiness. . something will be missing, even though my house will be clean again. It will take some getting used to.

I enjoyed washing the dishes last night, and cleaning my stove. I lit a vanilla scented candle on the stove top and listened to old gospel music. The rooms are dimly lit with a small lamp. The winter evenings at home are peaceful.

I sat at the table last night, with my bible, notebook and Prentiss book and re-started the study. I had forgotten how nice it is to read Stepping Heavenward and to write in my journal. John and I read 2 chapters in the Bible together and we sang a hymn out of the hymnbook.

I have so many things and errands to do today. Somehow, my heart has to stay home and I will long to get back to my peaceful homemaking.

Mrs. White

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Dimple said...

Hi Mrs. White, I just stopped in this morning, and could identify with this post so much! My children are grown and gone now, but I remember...
Then I followed your link to how you reorganized you life, which I remember reading, and I wondered about Matthew. How is he doing these days? I hope much better!
I pray you are blessed today with all the best God can give.

Mrs. White said...

So glad to hear from you Dimple! Yes, Matthew is doing much better. Thank you! He is almost completely healed.

Mrs. White

busymomof10 said...

I know what you mean about our older children leaving their stuff everywhere! sometimes they make bigger messes than when they were little and leaving their toys out! :) I'm sure you will miss your daughter when she is back at college, even though your house will be tidier!~

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