Friday, January 14, 2011

Positive Action for Christ Review

TOS Crew Review

Product - The Life of Christ from the Gospel of John

Company - Positive Action for Christ

Grade Level - 7 - 12

Price - Student Manual (deluxe edition) is $17.95

I received a student workbook, teachers book, CD (containing transparencies) and a scope and sequence booklet.  These resources provide a complete curriculum for a High School level Bible course.

The student workbook is professionally published. It looks beautiful and the pages are high quality. Inside you'll find gorgeous photographs, maps and illustrations.

There are 7 units, with 35 chapters. Each section includes an introductory lesson, Student work  (answer questions, look up Bible passages, etc.) and a "digging deeper" conclusion, which has impressive assignments for the student to complete.
The Teacher's manual includes lesson objectives and quizzes. The entire course is scholarly and requires a lot of studying, analyzing and discussions. This is a top-quality publication.

There were portions of the book that went way over my head. (smiles). I would find it difficult to actually teach this course since I am no theologian! I wouldn't feel competent teaching students who will want to discuss more about each lesson.  It is all extremely fascinating! But I would rather have someone with a ministry degree teach this to my children.  But realize, that's just me! I am sure many homeschooling mothers (and fathers) would love to teach this to their own children. It would even be fabulous for a church youth Bible Group!

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*I received this product, for review purposes through The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Crew*

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Chris G said...

I am looking for a Bible study for the kids, but not anything too time consuming on my part. This sounds great for a youth group,though!
Chris from the Crew

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