Friday, January 28, 2011

Review - A Math Program by Ten Marks

TOS Crew Review

Product - Ten Marks (online math subscription)

Grade Level - 3 to High School

Price - $10 per month

I love math programs. I was thrilled to test this one out. I had Amy (16) and John (13) get right to work. Here is how the program works:

The Student is given 2 worksheets every week to accomplish. Each worksheet has 10 questions.  Next to each problem, the student is provided with 2 forms of  help.

1. A Question mark icon provides up to 3 hints.

2. A video icon, provides a video lesson.

The parent is sent an email to remind the students about the worksheets the student needs to do, along with a date for them to be completed. This is great if you need that extra pressure, or boost, to get things accomplished. I liked it at first, then kind of thought I was being nagged. (smiles) But really, I did appreciate the reminder.

John seemed to have trouble with this program. He needed my help to get through most of the questions. That is a negative for me. I was hoping the worksheets would be more like practice for him, not difficult concepts he did not yet grasp. But we can work on this over time and I am sure it will get better.

Amy loved how quickly she was able to do her questions and be done!  I love that there are only short assignments and the children can feel a sense of accomplishment.

Overall, I think it is a good resource and would make a nice supplement to any math curriculum. We intend to continue with the program.

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*I received access to this product, for review purposes through The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Crew*

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