Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Just Want to Go Home

Shopping in Paris

I was gone for 12 hours yesterday. I went into the city to visit my girls, ages 21 and 23. I also had some shopping to do. The drive was so long. I missed being home! I bought many necessary items for John (13) and Amy (16). They were in desperate need of some fresh, new clothes. We were able to buy several items at a deep discount. However, the stores were all so crowded. The Lines were too long. The wait made me anxious and ill.

I yearned for home. I wanted to be in the parlour and greeting my guests. I wanted to bake and cook and clean. I wanted to be hospitable to my family in my own cozy domain. I also worried about those who were left behind- Mr. White and Matthew (18). They needed me too.

Sometimes shopping is an enjoyable experience. When you can leisurely walk around the little shops and visit with your companions, it is not so bad. That is why Amy, John and I took a much needed break in an Italian restaurant and enjoyed a pleasant lunch. We were refreshed and able to get back to our shopping. But then, once we hit the crowds and the dizziness of all the merchandise, I wanted to be at home.

We stopped at Rachel's apartment (my oldest) and visited for a bit. Then decided to bring Nicole (21) back home with us. She is on vacation from college and had been staying with her sister. I took her home. That is where she wanted to be. She missed "Daddy" and all the comforts and security of home.

Late that night, we put all our parcels on the living room floor. I could not believe how much we bought! And yet we did not spend very much money. The children were happy. We had hot chocolate and a late supper and were grateful for a warm, happy house.

I don't ever want to go shopping again..... Why can't we just have a little mercantile like the old days?

Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

I'm not very fond of shopping either! If there is a way for me to order something online then that is what I prefer to do.

The only time I enjoy shopping at all is when I have been in the house for a very long time or I find a store that isn't crowded!

It's always nice to come home!

Mama Hen said...

Coming home after a long day is the best.

Deanna said...

An old fashioned mercantile would be an addition to the little town I live in. The closest thing here to this is an old hardware store, but they don't carry clothing.

I'm not sure how I would get around without my auto. I drive a great deal to get supplies.

Though I'm fond of home life.

Hope you get to feeling better.

God bless,

Anonymous said...

I have alot of anxiety at really any store...but the mall is the hardest on me. My daughters know that when we go there we don't walk around and look we go for what we came for and then leave...other wise I am sick the rest of the day.

I also enjoy small little shops but not crowed ones:)

I am glad you enjoyed your day with your family.



Susan said...

Dear Mrs. White (& Amy),
I dislike shopping so much that I keep putting it off until...I find I don't need everything on my list any more!! (Doesn't work for everything though)
I also clicked on "How to have a Clean House in 30 Days" and chuckled when I read the PS about the tape on the ceiling. We hang crepe streamers on the ceiling for birthdays too! In fact, just last month I decided to put little, tiny nails in the walls...because I was tired of taking tape off the ceiling!!! I enjoy your posts so much. You are truly a kindred spirit:)
PS. Currently re-reading "Emma"!

Guiding Light said...

I do not like to shop either nor do I like big crowds. However, I am overjoyed to hear you got good buys! And, your child wanted to come home...shows you "have done your job well"...a lot of children want to go the other way. Blessings to you!

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