Monday, March 14, 2011

The Christian Home Magazine - Issue 6

Welcome to the sixth issue of The Christian Home. 

Each article was submitted by various Christian Blog Authors. I am grateful for their participation. I hope you enjoy visiting them, reading their work and spending some time getting to know them at their own blogs.  I

Mrs. White

Design and Decorate

Briana presents Boys and Their Toys: Keeping Them Under Control posted at I Can't Decide. She shares pictures of a neat way to organize the children's toys. It looks fantastic!

Gardening and Flowers 

Briana presents Garden Work for the Week and First Harvest of the Year posted at I Can't Decide. She takes us through a visit through her garden. You'll see lovely pictures and read her excellent advice.


Lorus presents And So We Made Pie... posted at Because of Our Children. She shares lovely memories of her mothers cookbook. Nostalgic and inspiring!


Angie presents Home Made Dish Soap posted at Petra School.  She shares a recipe and complete cost explanation. Great job!

Rodna presents Keeping your dishes to a minimum posted at Training Children up for Christ. Great idea and easy to implement!


Terri G. presents Unsolicited Advice and Celebrating Manhood posted at Accidentally Homeschooling... Excellent, and much needed advice!


Thank you so much for reading!

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Mama Hen said...

Thanks for putting this together Mrs. White!

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Thanks for getting the together. I just checked out everyone's posts. All were great!

Our Life and Journey! said...

Thanks! I look forward to reading it every Monday!

Sherry said...

Dear Mrs. White,

Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog--I have been a follower of yours for a while now, and I am often touched by your heart as you share it in your writing.


Rebecca said...

Thx for dropping by. This is a great this post. Am following now....


Laura of Harvest Lane said...

I've read several of the articles. I think this magazine is a great idea. Thank you for putting it together.


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