Monday, March 21, 2011

The Christian Home Magazine - Issue 7

Welcome to the seventh issue of The Christian Home.

Each article was submitted by various Christian Blog Authors. I am grateful for their participation. I hope you enjoy visiting them, reading their work and spending some time getting to know them at their own blogs.

Mrs. White


Susan presents Frugal Compromises and a recipe posted at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds. Excellent thoughts on making wise cooking decisions. Great pictures and a recipe!

Gardening and Flowers 

Susan presents Garden Plans: Check out the Sun posted at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds. She shares pictures of her yard and explains the importance of recording the amount of time in a day the garden will be in direct sunlight.


Heather presents My Journey with "Family Journaling" posted at The Blessings Pour Out. She shares inspiring photographs and information about keeping a journal.

Angie W. presents Budget Side Dishes for Hungry Teens posted at Petra School. She is looking for economical side dishes to beef-up meals. Be sure to read the comments and add to the conversation!

Modest Fashion

Terri G. presents Just what do you wear to a home school convention? posted at Accidentally Homeschooling... Great advice!

Gentle Humor

Susan presents On the Ambiguity of the English Language... posted at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds.  She shares a sweet moment with her children.


Julianne said...

Hi there,
I came across your site through Raising Homemakers and I have to say I love it! You share such encouraging and inspiring posts that I just had to bookmark you. I love this idea of a blog magazine, what a great idea! And I'm going to start your E. Prentiss study. I love old fashioned ways, and you share such wonderful pictures and wisdom from days of the past.
Thanks for your blog,

Loving learning at Home said...

Thanks for doing this. I can't wait to read everyone's posts.