Friday, March 25, 2011

The Discipline of Cancer

Standing in the Rain under Tree

When I was pregnant with my fifth child, I was diagnosed with cancer. My doctor was afraid I wouldn't live long enough to give birth. I remember him scheduling my appointments during his lunch hour, just to make sure he was able to see me. His sacrifice and kindness during this nightmare was comforting.

I did a lot of research and learned about real nutrition. I stopped drinking milk, gave up junk food, sugar, and started eating more raw foods. I will never forget walking through a supermarket looking at Oreo cookies and Lays potato chips and almost crying because I could not eat them. I needed to live. My cancer was spreading and I had to avoid anything that would make it worse. I had to eat real, live foods - like apples, carrots and whole grains. I had this terror about eating even one bite of chocolate cake. I wouldn't dare!

I used to tell myself that things like devil dogs, were of the devil. (smiles) These foods, like sins, are designed to kill us off - both physically and spiritually. A strong, disciplined life was a necessity.

Not only did I have to live, but so did the baby. I built up a tremendous discipline. I did not give- in to temptation. I lived a very structured life and ate only what was good for me. By the time the baby was born, I was very healthy, despite the cancer cells. I had surgery - a hysterectomy. I continued to suffer physically for many years, but slowly I healed.

This discipline of eating for survival carried into my spiritual life. I was less likely to give-in to other temptations -  anger, putting off Bible reading, laziness, etc. I was able to live a very structured religious life. It was because of my suffering that I began to yield to God's ways. I was meek and quiet under the rod of affliction.

Even today, 14 years after that terrible time, I notice that if I eat healthy foods and completely avoid processed, man-made foods, my spiritual life becomes stronger.

The discipline of cancer had a lesson for me. It takes a tremendous amount of sacrifice, hard work and prayer to live the life of an overcomer.

Right now, I need that discipline back. I am failing in many ways. I need to remember the history and learn from my lessons. Why do we forget? Why do we fall back into the old ways? Today, I will make a plan - both for food and one for religious duties. May God help us all stay on track!

Mrs. White

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TerriG said...

Mrs. White: I thank you for your honesty in this post. The cancer devil has showed up in our home this year. I appreciate you sharing your struggles, it encourages me at this very moment. I pray you have a healthy, blessed day. ~Terri G.

Mrs, Douglas said...

I agree....I too need to get back to that place of total dependence.

Heather said...

Yes, thank you for sharing! What a difficult time that must have been. It makes me sad to think of you having to go through that. I agree that processed foods are harmful and what we eat does make a difference to our health (I am sensitive to sugar, too). Best wishes on eating healthy-you already do a lot of from scratch cooking - that helps:) I wish I was more into cooking!

Guiding Light said...

Praying for you. Thank you for sharing your story with us - much to learn from what you've said.

Deanna said...

Blessings to you, Mrs. White!
May you have a wonderful week-end.

Uplifting prayers for you.

Ruth said...

I needed this so much today.

I always thought of myself as a fairly disciplined person... I could set my mind to something and follow through without being distracted from the goal in mind. But recently, when I found myself actually avoiding the 'restrictive' diet that I need because of my endometriosis (no sugar... say what?), it dawned on me that maybe I lack discipline when it involves food.

Thanks for sharing. I will get right to it, and may God help me to stay on track. :-)

Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

What a fantastic testimony. Thanks for sharing your story.

Laura {{* *}} said...

Sometimes, truth is painful.
You wrote these words
so I could confess
and today, choose to walk
out of old rutted paths.

Thank you for this courageous post.
I am reminded that
His eye is on the sparrow
and I know
He watches me.

Ever grateful,

{{* *}}

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

I have read up on raw and fresh food and how much it can help in situations like yours. What a great testimony!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage said...

I am so relieved. I know you've been tired lately. I thought from your title that you were going to tell us that you have cancer. Thank God that part's over. May God help you to discipline yourself to take care of yourself just as you should.

God bless you!

Mrs. Laura Lane

Carrie said...

Mrs White, stay strong. Life is so hard on us sometimes, we are clouded by words others say, tv shows of how we should live, lifestyles we can never live up to. You made it through a tough time, we all lose our way on the path of life at times, or get sidetracked. We all need to slow down and focus on our lives, and how we want to live it. You speak beautiful words, stay positive and be proud of who you are, and what you've accomplished.

Mrs. White said...

Thank you for the encouraging comments!

Mrs. White

LaughingLioness said...

'I was meek and quiet under the rod of affliction."

Beautifully said. This post is very life-affirming.
We've had a year of affliction- burned out of our house, my 48 yo sister and Dad both died. I totally understand the meek and quiet!
Praying that the lessons seep in deep and dwell in both of our hearts.
A blessed Sabbath!

Very Blessed Mamma said...

This is a very inspiring and encouraging story.

Kimberly @ Raising Olives said...

Thanks for this reminder. It seems that discipline in any area helps in all and that the opposite is also true.

Something that I've been thinking about recently is that the Christian life is all about saying 'no' to self in order to say 'yes' to others.

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