Friday, April 29, 2011

Latin's Not So Tough - Review

Product - Latin's Not So Tough Level 3

Publisher - Greek 'N' Stuff.

Price - $21.95  for just the workbook.

I received a workbook and answer key. The set also came with a Pronunciation CD.

I used this with John (13). First we listened to the CD. The speaker was very clear and precise, which was great. I do have a hard time with computer CDs and can't figure out how to see the files. So each lesson played one after the other. I had to pause when I thought the lesson had ended.  I didn't understand how to choose only "Lesson 1" or "Lesson 2."  However, I realize this is my problem because I am still trying to understand how CD Roms work.

As for the textbook, it is spiral bound and well over 180 pages. The book contains 36 lessons.  These begin with an alphabet review.  At first, I thought this meant a review of the English alphabet. But as we listened and went along, it was the Latin alphabet, which is very similar to English. (Can you tell I knew nothing about Latin?) 

I found the overall curriculum to be straightforward and fun. Here is a sample page from Lesson 6:

The large, full size pages make it easy to read and work through the assignments. There are reminder notices on the bottom of each page, asking the student if they practiced their flashcards (which are in the back of the book). 

Understanding Latin can help with spelling, reading and writing skills.  Latin's Not So Tough is excellent for anyone who is clueless about this ancient language.   If you are looking to help your child learn Latin, this is an excellent resource!

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*I received this product, for review purposes through The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Crew*


The Momma Chronicles said...

We have both "Latin's Not so Tough" and "Hey Andrew, Teach Me Greek" and we adore them. Love! They're easy, fun, and effective. I would recommend both to anyone wanting to start Latin and Greek.