Friday, April 1, 2011

Mr Smith Goes to Washington - Guide to the Movies

Product - E-book - Movie guide for Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Publisher - Zeezok.

Price - $12.99

Pages - 36

Our family owns Mr. Smith Goes to Washington on Video cassette. We've watched it over and over again, for years. It is definitely a favorite for many reasons. We love the character played by Jimmy Stewart. We also love the lessons we learn about our government and the pride we are urged to feel for our country.

Zeezok has created a fabulous product to help further our education. Their e-movie guide is wonderful. I printed out my copy and started reading this to my youngest son, John (13). We talked about the structure of the government and how the laws are made. We learned about bills, amendments and filibusters. I was able to explain this to him by mentioning something we did recently. Our church sponsored the viewing of the documentary "The Child," which is about a new law that needs an amendment.  John and I saw the movie, but he didn't entirely understand the concept of creating laws or how the government works. But by using the Zeezok movie guide for Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, it all became much more clear to both of us!

The guide has many other features which include: A movie synopsis, trivia, review questions, activities, crossword puzzle, discussion questions, facts and much more.

To go through the activities, we are directed to re-watch certain scenes from the movie. If you have never seen Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, I suggest watching it first to enjoy the production. The movie itself is excellent and entertaining. Then later, go through this guide. It will help provide a solid education in a very important aspect of U.S. Government and good citizenship.

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*I received this product, for review purposes through The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Crew*

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